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An operating system came to Earth from outer space, but for what purpose? ME-OS is an OS simulation game featuring many games and programs of different genres. They are all linked together with story, progression and unlockables. Your objective? It can be anything you want it to be! You can play around casually either by yourself or with friends, personalize your OS with countless of features, or try to find the deeper meaning behind why this OS got in to your hands, and who's trying to reach out to you... ME-OS features games of many genres such as adventure, action, arcade, racing, FPS, and much more; all the while having multiple utilities such as drawing software, music players, video players, even language compilers! Much more is planned to come, so we hope you will join us on this journey to see this OS come to life!

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Big Update! Version 0.0.49


Build 0.0.49 is live!
Wow, it sure has been a long time since we made an update for you all! So much has changed in this time, and yet again, this update is probably yet another "biggest" update we have made yet. We're hoping this doesn't catch on as a trend, but we'll see. We also have an official website now at Meosgame.com!
Please check out the short note at the bottom of this changelog, as we are nearing an important point in development.

- Bugfixes for random cross game things
- Discord integration improved and added to new apps

Gon Ball Rally:
- Level 9 and 10 are finished, along with levels A and B (secret levels).
- Replays are here! If you get an awesome new high score, a replay will be saved. You can share it with your friends!
- The amount of playable balls has more than doubled since last update!
- Pee Dog balls have been added (he makes funny videos and let us use his characters as balls in the game)
- Severely improved online performance
- Added several things that should optimize the game even more, although I'm not sure if it lagged much for anyone in the first place. If it does, let me know!
- Added more options for controller to make the experience feel better

Hungry Hungry Solies:
This is a small new joke game with three levels and a ton of stupidity. You can find the exe under E/Misc/Felix/

Jump Wars:
This is the first new game we want to introduce in this update! It is a small platform fighter featuring characters and stages from ME-OS, plus a bit more. Each character has two moves, plus you can hurt other players by jumping on their head.
- Added two stages, Endless Forest and Shikabok Frostlands
- Added three characters, Kvarol (king square), Ballsy and Sonsh. Pink stickman counts as well if you consider test characters

Keyccordion Dawn:
- Two new songs were added! DEAF (5/5 difficulty) and a remix of Mathew Valente's Synthetic Nightmare (4/5 difficulty)
- Severe graphical improvements! Everything just looks so much better now, and we still have a bit more to come hopefully.

Mimi Player:
- UI improvements on the big app
- Finally you can control the volume of the music using a slider! (about time, right?)
- Tons of songs were added since last update

- Tons of new background packs added including Artificial Pack 1, Mont Tremblant Pack, Netherlands+ pack, Painting Pack 1, and more!
- New cosmetic items introduced for Gon Ball Rally

- More modellnig progress, one fully furnished starting room
- Gavzer will now shoot you if you are near him

The next new game in this update is a text adventure game engine! It comes with one preloaded story (The Hills), but you can even write your own write now and share with others! The format you have to follow is fairly simple.

- Massive UI update! Watching videos just got prettier
- Added more test videos to play with

!!Important Note!!
If you guys remember, I originally wanted to make a kickstarter around the summer of 2021. This however was put on hold as I wanted to polish the game even more and give it more content to look at, as I really want to convince people who are interested that this game is worth investing into. We are hoping that either the next or the update after the next will be the "Kickstarter" update, meaning we will be using it to advertise the Kickstarter once it's out. We are also looking into potential advertising opportunities. So please, if you have some time to spare, play through some of ME-OS and let me know any feedback/suggestions and so on! I would love to hear what every one of you has to say, and I'm also extremely thankful to everyone who has been with us on this journey. Let's make this final stretch!

Let us know if there are any questions or ideas! Enjoy c:

Preview of level 10 of Shroom Gardens in Gon Ball Rally, from far away

Preview of secret level

Preview of Synthetic Nightmare on hardest difficulty in Keyccordion Dawn

Preview of DEAF in Keyccordion Dawn on hardest difficulty

Build 0.0.44

Build 0.0.44


Build 0.0.44 for ME-OS is out! This is the shop update, where we finally add purchasable avatars, backgrounds, bundles, cosmetics, cursors, games, and...

Going live on Indie DB!

Going live on Indie DB!


Hey! It's been a while since I've used this site (my older game needs to get an update on here soon too haha) but we've decided to put ME-OS, our OS simulation...

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guppy quest 2

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