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You have officially been elected mayor! Wooh and yay! The campaign was long and arduous but now it’s time for some home improvement! Keep making your town more attractive and watch it grow as people from all areas flock together to join your lively community. Keep your citizens happy and they will pay their taxes on time and take care of their own. But be careful, betray their trust, ignore important issues, handle situations badly and they’ll oust you from office. With great power comes great responsibility. Are you up for the challenge? Mayority will be available on Mobile devices (Android & Apple) as well as Mac and PC early 2017. It takes the basic system of old school city-builder games and adds a whole lot of puzzle-solving. Players will be presented with a variety of realistic problems, any mayor might face, and a equally large number of ways to solve them. As a mayor in Mayority you get to choose, how to run your town every step of the way.

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Explaining Mayority


Dear Everyone,

We’re proud to announce our game Mayority, a project, we’ve been working on for the better part of this year. We still have a bit of development ahead of us, but we expect to launch the game early next year.

What is Mayority and what can you expect?

As the Mayor of a small community, you will get to build your own town, city-builder style. Keep track of your mayoral duties and the people’s happiness, while they present you with a number of issues and conundrums to solve. There’s a lot going on under the hood of this idyllic town and people will rely on your decisions in easy and difficult times alike.

  • Mayority is where puzzle game meets city builder.
  • Citizens are much more than just a simple resource and you’ll have to get to know them closely, to adequately keep everyone happy.
  • Satisfy demands and maneuver state-laws by placing buildings and laws of your own.
  • A number of complex ingame scenarios will challenge your decision making skills and your problem solving ability.
  • The game has it's own charm and a unique artstyle.
  • Our art style strives to be user friendly to people with color vision deficiencies.

How can I get Mayority?

  • The game will launch on a number of platforms, including Android, Iphone, PC and Mac.
  • We will announce our presence in stores, as soon as everything’s set up. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or IndieDB to stay up to date!

How’s the game coming along?

We’re progressing well at the moment, thank you. The core game is basically finished and we plan to expand upon it in the new year. Our current release date estimate is Q2 2017.

Stay tuned for more info, updates and pretty pictures soon!

Like us and Follow us! Cheers!

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