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What is Math Classroom Challenge? Math Classroom Challenge is an educational game in first person and subjective view, with the mission of solving the different random mathematical exercises proposed. To do this, you have at your disposal a water hose, with which you must water the numbers and the appropriate solutions. All this in a safe environment to learn mathematics in a fun and enjoyable way. It's also the kids version of Math Combat Challenge. Math Classroom Challenge is designed for children over the age of four. In the game the player can do several activities: learn the numbers that fly, learn how to throw the water, solve the static panels looking for the corresponding numbers, and solve the dynamic panels that appear suddenly with three solutions. Always throwing the water from the hose to the correct solution. In the game the player never loses. There is simply a parameterizable timer, and you can choose the type and complexity of mathematical operations, from sums to e

Post news RSS Math & Rocks, the new Moon Scenery for Math Classroom Challenge

Math Classroom Challenge is a math game, and we believe it is something that should be learned in a fun and enjoyable way. Combining math with other activities is a challenge that we want to propose to all science and video game lovers. In this case, by becoming explorer geologists, to get Helium to feed the fusion reactors on Earth. Shall we begin?

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"Math & Rocks", the new free Scenery now available on Steam

We are proud to inform that the new Math Classroom Challenge Scenario for Windows+monitor and for Oculus Rift (one build for both), "Math & Rocks", is now available on Steam as a Scenario at no extra cost. This is not a DLC, just download version 1.50 and it's done. You'll see a new button to access the new area.

Now you're a moon geologist!

Probably you've heard of the experimental fusion reactors that will provide humanity with lots of energy. It's the power of the Sun to be used for our development as societies. But this reactors need Helium 3. And where can you find Helium 3? On the Moon.

New features of Math & Rocks

Something strange has appeared below the Moon

In this scenario, set on the Moon, you will have to perform the same tasks as in the other scenarios. But you'll also have to collect the rocks that fall on the moon. To do this, throw water on the rocks, and a report will indicate its chemical composition, and also, if it has water and/or helium 3.

The rocks will go directly to the moon rock depot. Water is important for the maintenance of the moon base. Helium-3 is important for the fusion reactors of the Moon and on Earth.

From time to time, a large transport ship will arrive at the rock repository to collect and carry them to Earth along with helium 3, which will be used in the planet's fusion reactors.

The points accumulated by obtaining the rocks are independent of those obtained by mathematical problems. You'll have to decide what to give priority to, your spirit as a geologist or mathematician. At the end, the statistics will show you the number of rocks achieved, their points, and the helium.

This is the future of humanity

This is a game, but we think soon it will become a reality. And we want people to know that there is a new revolution in process when talking about energy. Welcome to a new era of humanity. The era of the fusion reactor. The Moon and its resources are the future of humanity.

For more info, there is a good article about Helium 3 you can find here.

Good luck!


Not often you see educational games. Good luck to you.

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Richard_Tsakalidis Author

Thank you, you're welcome!

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