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What is Math Classroom Challenge?

Math Classroom Challenge is an educational game in first person and subjective view, now also in third person with the help of a drone, with the mission of solving the different random mathematical exercises proposed. To do this, you have at your disposal a water hose, with which you must water the numbers and the appropriate solutions. All this in a safe environment to learn mathematics in a fun and enjoyable way. It's also the kids version of Math Combat Challenge.

Math Classroom Challenge is designed for children over the age of four. In the game the player can do several activities: learn the numbers that fly, learn how to throw the water, solve the static panels looking for the corresponding numbers, and solve the dynamic panels that appear suddenly with three solutions. Always throwing the water from the hose to the correct solution.

In the game there is simply a parameterizable timer, and you can choose the type and complexity of mathematical operations, from sums to equations. The errors of the dynamic panels are counted, but they can be reduced if the flying dragons get wet. Although caution, sometimes this can give opposite results if used too much.

Versions available

It's available on iOS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Windows.

Math Classroom Challenge is a game for the whole family, which aims to make young people come into contact with mathematics in a fun and entertaining way.

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Math Classroom Challenge 4.0 with Horizontal Math operations

We're happy to inform that Math Classroom Challenge 4.0 is here! (Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC versions).

This new version includes something very important for teachers and students: Horizontal operations!

Math Classroom Challenge 4.0

What are horizontal operations?

Well, usually many people of the old school learned math with a vertical approach, that is, the numbers where put right one below the others:

3 +

The vertical approach is good, but the horizontal version is even better.

Math Classroom Challenge 4.0

Horizontal format, the best way to learn math.

With the horizontal approach learning math is easier, because the resolution of the problem is more intuitive:

1 + 3 = 4

Now the game defaults to horizontal format, but vertical format is available as an option in the configuration menu.

We want to thank Damien, the math teacher that is helping with the game, for his interest and support. Now their students at school are enjoying Math Classroom Challenge for free.

Math Classroom Challenge 4.0 brings a whole new way of learning math while playing, with horizontal math operations by default, and vertical operations also available as an option.

We are planning more features coming soon. Stay tuned! Thank you!

Math Classroom Challenge Christmas Wand Edition

Math Classroom Challenge Christmas Wand Edition


A new version of Math Classroom Challenge is now ready on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Steam. This version comes with a new feature: the Magic Wand. Now...

Math operations in Math Classroom Challenge

Math operations in Math Classroom Challenge


Math Classroom Challenge is on sale now on Nintendo Switch, and second position in educational deals. Thank you for your support. We want here to explain...

Math Classroom Challenge for Nintendo Switch is here

Math Classroom Challenge for Nintendo Switch is here


Learning math is boring, so they say. Well, we all know that some children usually have problems with mathematics. We think there are many reasons for...

Math Classroom Challenge 3.0: Now math can fly!

Math Classroom Challenge 3.0: Now math can fly!


The controversial has come again: if solving math in 3D, with a water hose, and sending water to numbers was a crazy idea, now you can solve math with...


Very interesting!

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Richard_Tsakalidis Creator

A little late but thank you!

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