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Independent strategy video game created by Jan Zeleny. The combination of procedurally generated challenges, realistic graphics and board-game-like straightforward rules. It is a challenging business simulation game with everything around cargo delivery. The player acts as a entrepreneur in control of a transport company. He needs to lay tracks on a difficult terrain, invent and buy new vehicles, project routes and compete against economical rules to make as much profit by transporting passengers and various cargo types as possible to beat other players score around the world. Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/JanZeleny85 Or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/mashinky/ Or Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/598960/Mashinky/

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Dec 12 2016 Anchor

Any of your questions regarding Mashinky could be put here, I will try to answer all of them.

Dec 12 2016 Anchor

Going in somewhat of an FAQ format and basic questions for all persons.

What year or years will the game take place?

Do you trains have a length limit? If so, what is the limit of train cars?

Will trains be able to have additional locomotives on them?

Will weather play any part on trains ability to operate?

Will the game have accidents?

Will there be maintenance in the form of sand dispensers, fuel, coal, wood, water towers for locomotives to fuel up?

How complicated are the track switches going to be? meaning.. can we do triple switches, T crossings, Diamond crossings, etc.

What will the multiplayer consist of? Will it be like the last Sim City where we have our own map that connects via map edge, or we will be on the same map?

How many locomotives can we expect?

What engine is the game being developed on?

I'm sure I have plenty more questions for you, but gotta start some where. I do want to wish you the very best of luck! Looking forward to your reply! More questions will come afterwards.

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Jan 26 2017 Anchor


wow, I totally missed this thread, sorry for such a huge delay with answer:/

The game will starts around 1880-1900 , and will progress to let's say 2020 ? It is manner only of technology (mostly engines / vehicles) used in this game, but it is up to the player how fast will he progress.

Yes, trains will have possibility to connect more engines in front of the train (I've recently started this feature and it is already close to be finished).

No, weather is there only as a cosmetic visual thing, but it is possible to take it into account in scripted sandbox events.

Yes, the same logic for accidents as in TTD (when you modify track in front of the train, if you manage to screw up semaphores, or send trains to the same track manually).

So far, there will be no maintainance except tokens spend for fuel and monthly maintainance cost. Nothing special since I would like to have it close to boardgames, but I maybe in the future if community will want this feature, It may be added.

Switches are not limited, so all possibilities should be opened.

Multiplayer is planned on the same map (you can either cooperate, or be the opponent). But multiplayer feature is far from being finished atm and will be one of early access updates in the future.

There will be 7 eras, in each era I plan to have at least 3 + 1 bonus locomotive. Hopefully will be able to add more.

The game is on my very own engine, build in C++ and DirectX (with possibility to add OpenGl in the future)

Thanks a lot for interest and support!

Best regards,

Jan Zelený

Nov 28 2017 Anchor


Will there be more and maybe unique engines in the future? For instance the Shay locomotive, low speed high grade would make for realistic mountain railways without leveling whole mountains. That´s kinda cheating I think ;) And maybe playing from the early steam age all the way thru to the diesel and electric ages?

As a reference in Transport Tycoon 2 there are many engines to choose from, steam to diesel to electric. Well I hope at least the Shays will at some point make it into the game because they are build for difficult mountains and logging trails. Pretty sure that it would be popular with fans to add special use vehicles to Mashinky.

Kind regards,


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