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This RTS game was created for a game development contest. Which was hosted by the GameDev.lv website managers and partners. In this game units do not cause damage, but can be destroyed by pushing them off into water or outside map borders. Buildings cannot be pushed, so they have to be reclaimed.

King of the Hill gametype has been restored for this game, but then you have to add a region for the Gaia team. The ID number of the gaia team depends on the amount of players. In case of 2 it is 16.

The winner of the game development contest was determined by polls and this game got the number 8th(~6.6/10) spot out of 14. What can I say, first impression matter the most:

A real time strategy game with a touch of King of the Hill gamemode and without destructive weapons sounds like something that should definitely be paid attention to, which I did and didn't regret too much. At the current version of the game there aren't a lot of options to strategize, because there isn't enough diversity with buildings and units. Regardless, the game is interesting and I look forward to seeing its progress even after the contest is over. - Translation of "sumpurnis" short video review on version 1.1

I don't know about the future of this project, so if anyone likes the idea they can move the project forward or build upon it as the source code is also available on github:

Music by Reddz of Newgrounds - Reddz.newgrounds.com

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Magnetonics 1.2


Gameplay video

Download URL - Springfiles.com
Spring Engine required (with SpringLobby) - Springrts.com

New unit - Ruby

Ruby unit GIF

Manufactured in the heavy factory. Ruby is a much heavier unit than others and is able to deliver a heavy impulse against close-by enemy units. It just has to get close to them first.

New unit - Cone

Cone unit GIF

Manufactured in the heavy factory. Cone is a support unit meant against large groups, as it can only pull units from long range, which allows allies to push them away. It will not pull units that are already very close.

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Magnetonics v1.2 - Standalone

Magnetonics v1.2 - Standalone

Full Version

This ZIP file includes version 1.2 of the game, version 100.0 of the Spring Engine as well as one map.

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