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Magnat: Beer Maker is a business simulation and management game. Take the challenge, manage your own beer factory(s), manage your warehouses, employees, production lines and transportation of merchandise.

Logistics to manage

To produce, you usually need a production line, resources to refine, storage and transportation. In Magnat: Beer Maker, the goal being to produce beer, you will need to import and store the raw materials, refine, brew in tanks, store the beer, bottle it and finally send it to the client.

Recruit and manage your employees

When you want to develop your business, there is nothing better than hiring employees to help you with your tasks. The employees in your factory can help you with most tasks and it is up to you to tell them what to do, but be sure to monitor them.

A realistic economy

Every action has a cost and it's up to you to manage your finances well. From recruitment to transportation to taxes, the whole finance system in Magnat: Beer Maker has been designed to be as close to reality as possible.

Customize and upgrade your factory

In order to produce beer you need all kinds of machines. Once you have invested in new machines, you can place them wherever you want in your factory, but be careful not to block the way of your vehicles and employees! It is also possible to upgrade the equipment you have and produce more efficiently. Expanding your factory if you lack space is also a possibility.

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