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Tired of your miserable life you have decided to set off on an adventure. Luckily for you, the village you have come across has a problem with a dungeon. Now you must only solve it...


  • Turn-based battles against dangerous monsters for their treasures
  • Quests and work that can be done by playing one of five different mini games
  • Many different weapons, armors and spells
  • An interesting story
  • A talking Cactus!
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Let's start with a video to give you an idea how does the game looks.

Lucid Path is an RPG which focuses on progressing in a dungeon and upgrading your character. The game is divided into two parts: dungeon exploration and preparations. During the first part you battle monsters in semi-automatic turn-based battles and try to get as far as possible. The enemies will gradually reduce your health which will eventually force you to leave the dungeon. This is the moment you get to the second part of the game.



When you get here your main goal is simple: regain all your health. In order to do so you need to send your character to work or on a quest while you, the player, spend your time playing one of five mini-games. The better you do in them the faster your character works. Apart from that you can improve your stats for experience you get from doing quests or buy and equip new weapons and armors.



So, what do you say? Interested? ...What!? It sounds boring? BORING!?
Alright, there is one more thing. The thing that makes Lucid Path really interesting is the story. It starts slowly and innocently but as you progress in the game it becomes quite... unconventional. Sorry, I can't say anything more without spoiling the game.

Well, interested now? If so then consider visiting Steam page.

...Oh, you really did read all of this? Thank you very much!

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