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It is said that only in the darkest of times, true heroes are forged. But others may be lured by this darkness onto a much easier path. Some follow this path out of selfish greed and lust for power, while others do so out of a corrupted sense of duty, stopping at nothing to achieve their higher goals. A few of the most powerful ones have the dubious honor of being proclaimed Lords of Ravage. You'll take on the role of one of these Lords on the brink of their defeat. Search for a great artifact that can change the fate of this world. Deal with any heroes brave or foolish enough to interfere with your plans. Hunt for forgotten artifacts, forge dark alliances, and undertake daring raids to take by force everything your heart desires.

* You are the FINAL BOSS:

Deal with dangerous heroes, slowly wearing them down before the inevitable fight with the dungeon boss - you. Or take matters into your own hands and appear on the battlefield to aid your less competent followers.

* 3 LORDS with unique play styles:

Each Lord has different mechanics complementing their theme. As the head of their faction, they are able to unlock the full potential of their units by using access to unique upgrades.

* Diverse ENEMIES:

Fight a classic hero party, lone summoner, twin barbarians, an entire military expedition - each with their own strengths and weaknesses, defined by their combat mechanics and battlefield conditions.

* Develop a shadow EMPIRE:

Raid cities, make dark alliances, take possession of cursed artifacts or hunt for secret knowledge. Every aspect of your empire is important and has to be carefully balanced - no element is useless.

* Thoughtful and addictive GAMEPLAY:

Mix units from different factions into deadly combinations. Wither your enemies with status effects, make a powerful champion who will carry the fight on his own or deploy a horde of undying minions.


Unlock more potential upgrades and units as you progress. Learn more powerful and creative combinations to try out. Add more flexibility to your units.

* Stunning GRAPHICS:

The style combines traditional pixel art techniques and modern technology. High-quality art, lighting, and effects are a feast to the eyes.

We are a team of people who are passionate about making retro-themed games. We try to use the available resources to release high-quality games within budget, focusing on game mechanics. We are inspired by modern indie games as well as titles from the 90s and 00s. Our goal is to bring some of the spirit of the bygone era into the present. Turn-based strategies take a special place in our hearts, though, alongside unique design decisions and interesting storylines.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems or you want to leave a review or a suggestion: Synthetic Domain

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Lords of Ravage


Lords of Ravage: Announcement!

Hello everyone, ShiftyCode here with a new dev diary series! Today, I am proud to officially announce our next project: Lords of Ravage. It is a reverse dungeon crawl RPG/TBS game when you are the boss at the end of the dungeon. If you haven't seen our trailer, check it out:

The Idea.

Ever since the original Dungeon Keeper, I was fascinated by the games that let you experience the gameplay from the other side. You're used to picking quests around the world, but what if you are the quest giver? You are used to shopping for items, but what if you are an item shop owner? You are used to carefully babysitting a party of the heroes in a dungeon crawler, but what if your party will be completely expandable? Those are by no means novel concepts, but I think they are underrepresented in games nevertheless. So I've decided to twist the original dungeon crawler formula and focus on the gameplay side of things.


In this game, you play as one of the Lords of Ravage. You roam the world in a desperate search for a powerful artifact thought to be only a legend. The gameplay consists of sending your minions on a lot of missions, some of which will be presented as short visual novel-styled experiences. Those experiences usually involve cutscenes and some choices that will affect the combat conditions, lead to additional rewards or allow to skip the combat altogether. In combat, you deploy your "followers" - units with unique abilities and mechanics that are totally expendable, adding to this "I am the evil overlord" feeling that this game is aiming for. And of course, you can reveal yourself at any point, personally dealing with the heroes. The game will be pretty challenging though, as you can easily run out of your followers if not careful, or end up with a severely wounded leader facing fierce heroes.

As usual, stay tuned for more dev diaries and help us to spread the word about the game!

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