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"Lockheart Indigo" is an 8-bit psychological thriller. Beatris Summers, a young cynical detective, looks into the murder of wealthy robotics tycoon Evan Volkov. Hired by Aya Volkov, the victim's widow, Beatris must untangle the lies whispered within the Volkov estate & clear Aya's name... Before the killer or suspicion claim another life.

  • Explore the mansion's 100 rooms for Keys & Clues
  • Interrogate 10 Suspects
  • Use Persuasion as Combat Mechanics
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Hi everyone,

As some of you know, I've planned a little surprise. So many of you have supported the project. Some of you have downloaded the game repeatly to check out what each update had in store. That's why I've decided to add some post-credit content. I wanted to give you guys a little extra for supporting me for so long.

This post-credit content is very peculiar as it contains cut content from an abandoned project. That's right, I wanted to make a seperate game relating to Vika Volkov & the family secret. Interestingly enough the game was gonna be made on G.Mini Moon, an in-browser game engine I was working on. I canned the project because G.Mini Moon's level editor still needed a lot of work & I didn't have the energy for it anymore. I think reworking Vika's story into a Lockheart Indigo finale was a good decision. Tailing the game with a segment outside of Beatris' point of view really elevates the game.

Keep in mind that the post-credit content is only unlockable if you get the "Good Ending" with The Painter. The post-credit segment also has an easter egg mini-game along with some secrets. The secrets will probably answer a lot of questions theorists had.

Here is a list of other features the "1919" update has:

  • New music, including a 7 minute remake of the volkov theme played on piano & clarinet.
  • Some recongizable names...
  • Explore the Volkov Mansion 44 years in the past.
  • Visuals that break away from the usual Lockheart Indigo aesthetic & design.
  • What happened to "Little Vicky".

I'm very excited to show you guys all this new stuff along with releasing the final game! It's been such a journey.

Before I wrap this up, here are a few more details about the release:

  • The itch.io version of the game will stop being donation-based & will be purchasable instead.
  • The game will be $4.99 (USD)
  • Naturally, the game comes out July 31st & will be availible on Steam.

Other Notes:

  • While itch.io DOES give me a better cut on revenu, Steam's algorythms have an important impact on my long term success. Steam has a much larger clientele after all. Both platforms help me a lot in different ways.
  • If you wish to support me in my future projects, buying the game would help a ton!
  • Special thanks to the folks who have already donated over $300 CAD. Thanks to you, I have a small pre-production budget my next project ;)
  • Already working on Game#2 (Expect news from that in august or september.)

Once again, thank you so much for all your support, for the lets-plays, for the theory dms, for the fanart, for the memes, for the articles, for the reviews. I'm so glad the game has touched so many people. I look forward to releasing the game showing off the new project in the coming months.

- Harmless

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