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From the developers of Age of Empires II: The Forgotten and Age of Mythology Extended Edition, SkyBox Labs presents Lethal Tactics.

Lethal Tactics is a turn-based tactics game in which player turns are submitted asynchronously but the turn results are resolved simultaneously. Take control of a squad of armed units, each with their own specialized weapons and strategic advantages, and watch the epic gunfights play out based on the tactical movements and orders you issue.

Matches play out on visually stunning maps that are custom designed for tense showdowns, surprise attacks and quick getaways. Randomized map elements mean that every match is different as strategies that were successful in one match may not be in the next. and Learn the different character types and special abilities to formulate traps and coordinated attacks - use The Shotgunner to breach walls to launch a sneak attack, or choose the The Gunman’s Scout ability to track opponents behind walls to avoid an ambush.

Predict, plan and execute orders to outwit your opponent.

Key Product Features (Early Access)

Create a squad of combat experts:

  • 4 distinct character classes work as a team in squads of up to 6 units
  • The Gunman - Quick on the trigger and master of the mid-field. Scouting abilities make it hard for opponents to launch a surprise attack.
  • The Bomber - Launch devastating grenades to flush opponents from fortified positions and deny key positions.
  • The Sniper - Strategically lock-down open lanes from key line of sight positions.
  • The Shotgunner - A master at close-quarter combat in closed off areas. A good choice for front line assault tactics.

Choose Special Abilities to match your strategy.

  • Each match is an opportunity to alter your strategy by choosing Special Abilities for each unit.
  • Create coordinated attacks by pairing units with complementary skills and abilities.
  • Special Abilities such as Breach allows you to break through walls to open paths for your teammates or to attack from unexpected locations.

6 Unique, Randomized Tactical Maps

  • Rich, detailed locations that highlight the dramatic cat-and-mouse armed encounters
  • Destructible environmental objects - Destroy doors and cover objects to change the balance of the match
  • Randomized Maps Elements - All maps contain randomized destructible object placement to create different pathways and strategy possibilities with each match
  • Learn the maps to formulate strategies to find ideal sniper locations, quick getaways and lanes to lead your opponent into an ambush

Competitive Online Multiplayer Play

  • Jump into a match or create a custom game
  • Play Head to Head matches asynchronously - submit your turns at your own pace.

Skirmish Mode

  • Play full matches versus AI
  • Practice your tactics and test out unit combinations

More To Come in the Full Release Version of Lethal Tactics

  • Single Player Mission Mode
  • More Custom Designed Maps
  • New Units and Abilities
  • Additional Character skins
  • Leaderboards
  • Steam Achievements
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