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Super Trench Attack 2TM is a turn-based squad game set in a world war setting


You find yourself deep behind enemy lines, with the stolen black army plans in your hands, you can end the war. That is, if you and your squad can make it back home alive!

Of course the Black army won't let you escape that easily, They have dispatched their top general the evil Helmut, to stop you in your tracks. Fight through the desert sands, traverse the icy peaks, and battle through the muddy trenches , get those plans to H.Q before the evil general catches you!

Game Features
- Procedurally generated levels, and missions
- Over 300 random events, no play through is the same
- Play blackjack and hunt for food
- Recruit six different character classes to your squad
- Goofball humor throughout
- Enemy commanders have different tactics and A.I
- Fight through snow, deserts, beaches, cities and forests


procedural Battles

battles 1



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Take the roll of super spy Agent7! As he fights against the evil S.C.U.M! In this fun action-packed retro FPS, currently in development by veterans Retro Army Ltd. New to indieDb!


"Relaxing time at the beach!"


"S.C.U.M is in the whitehouse!"


"Bragg & Bragg"

Planned Features

-> Travel the globe,
-> Vehicle action,
-> Crazy Gadgets.
-> 8 Player online deathmatch,
-> Hordes of enemies to combat,
-> Unique run and gun gameplay,
-> Traditional Retro Army humor,
-> Lovely pointy polygons,

spywhoshotme mother 1

"There you are! I've been waiting... I want you to test out this new software we've developed. It's top secret mind you" - Mother

You can now play the latest build! This build of the game runs on Windows PC.


Downloads are adware/virus/spam free.

Retro 90's SpyShooter!

Shooting Range

"No dummy can stop Agent7!"


"Say cheese!"


"Smithers and his crazy inventions!"


"Meeting the president!"SNOOKER

"Good shot!"

Retro 90's SpyShooter!



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