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Legends of Descent is the number 1 action RPG for Windows Phone 7. It is a dungeon crawler style role playing game, where you, the stranded dwarf, must fight your way through endless dungeons, slaying monsters, reaping loot, and equipping yourself with the very best weapons and armors. With tons of items (some with magical properties) and visually engaging spells, Legends of Descent will keep you coming back for more.

Alpha v0.5 Features
- Added an offhand equipment slot
- Adjusted items to include two hand and off hand weapons. Also adjusted swing speeds for two hand weapons.
- Changed warp to require a scroll and allow you to go anywhere that you have discovered
- Added Legendary weapons which are extremely rare and powerful with unique names and abilities
- Added new Life Steal, Mana Steal and Reflect Damage item properties
- You can now take screenshots in game and they will be saved to your device
- Several UI tweaks
- Several adjustments to how quests work

Alpha v0.4 Features
- New boss encounters
- New drake enemy type
- New town starting location with merchants and quests
- Many new magic properties for weapons including poison, bleeding, burning, gold drop, and magic drop
- Town Portal is now available in the options menu
- Added a variety of merchants that sell class specific gear
- Added a teleporter NPC that can send you to any dungeon level you have been to before
- Added quests that are given to you by NPC's and a main quest line (old characters may miss most of the main quest line, just roll a new one)
- Lots of new magic properties for items
- NPC's now have dialogue
- Added support for doors which can be opened and closed

Alpha v0.3.5 Features
- Abilities can now be upgraded to level 6
- New abilities Blizzard, Frozen Ground, Molten Earth, Cleave, Earthquake, Epic Strike, Precision, Poison Mastery, Shadow Mastery, Poison Trap, and Explosion Trap
- Some new high level items added in
- Add poison elementals and poison skeletons
- Reduced the brightness of some of the tile sets
- Fixed math issues in attack/cast speed and capped them at 200%
- Other tweaks and bug fixes based on user feedback

Alpha v0.3 Features
- Added player classes. You can pick your tier 1 class at level 5.
- Add Frenzy, Stone Skin, Magic Arrow and Sprint abilities
- Added icons on the left of the screen that display active effects such as potions
- Added several new potion types
- Refactored stats screen to give much more information
- Added magic resistance property
- New Blacksmith NPC that can enhance your items
- New Enchanter NPC that can add magic properties to your items
- Tons of new items that are more powerful and show up progressively as you get deeper in the dungeon
- A stash where you can purchase space to store items
- Enhanced landscape support
- Lots of minor updates, bug fixes and balance tweaks

Alpha v0.2 Features
- Add champion creatures that are extra difficult but drop extra powerful loot and more XP
- Brand new procedurally generated quest engine
- Add Invisibility, Slow Time, Multi-shot, Poison Cloud, Frost Armor and Fear abilities
- Improve load times and reduce memory footprint
- Added option for landscape mode
- New Goblin and Goblin Leader enemies
- Ghost enemies now are invisible until they attack or are damaged
- Make the merchant have better loot to sell
- Tons of UI improvements

Alpha v0.1 Features
- Endless procedurally generated dungeon
- Diverse Procedurally generated loot drops
- Merchant and trading system
- Abilities to learn as your character levels

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The new action RPG Legends of Descent has been released as an alpha for free on the Windows Phone 7 platform today. Be one of the first to try out its procedurally generated gameplay and give feedback to the team to influence the future of its design.

You can get the game for free on the marketplace. Follow the link below to get it now!

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