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With new features such as a side-view battle system, improved character graphics and a brand new soundtrack, the Legend of ZUN Deluxe has you covered for a game about kidnapped game devs and microcomputer personalities!

Here are the new features

  1. Brand new soundtrack
  2. New bonus dungeons such as the Billy Maze.
  3. Postgame scenario with the island archipelago Sevii-Upon-Orange-By-The-Sea and Team Acorn, the criminal organization hell bent on proliferating BBC Micro's and Electrons.
  4. New engine components such as the Yanfly Engine for enhanced gameplay and performance.
  5. Boss Rush lets you battle the (albeit few) bosses of the main story!

Buy it on this link: Gamejolt.com

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So I forgot to make a post but the Legend of ZUN Deluxe is on sale from Black Friday till the end of Cyber Monday, it is available for $5.33

Yes I know its a little belated, BUT its still on sale right now, so go pick up a copy from the game's page on Gamejolt.com. Right Here: Gamejolt.com

Where to Get it!

Where to Get it!


So where CAN you find the Legend of ZUN Deluxe????

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