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Story about a person named Lasonas, who lost his loved one (Thalia) and is going to build a tower to rescue her from heaven and bring her back to the land of mans. He will get a cape which will give him the ability to switch between two different realities.

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Dev Log #10 Test the game


Hello World! Omada Game Studios here!

Today we finally bring you the first build for public testing, we made a questionnaire to get your opinions and feedback on what we can improve and what you would like for us to change.

Keep in mind, this is still a build and the level isn't finished yet, we are working to add the animations of the player and the enemies. We appreciate the ones that test and give their feedback and we thank you for it.

Here is the link to test the build: Lasonas & Thalia

We also have some tests for the logo, what you think about them?

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Dev Log #9 Final Ambient assets

Dev Log #9 Final Ambient assets


Final game assets and current status of game development.

Dev Log #8 Enemies Update and inactivity explanation

Dev Log #8 Enemies Update and inactivity explanation


Enemies concepts and final version and explanation for inactivity.

Dev Log #7 Character Update and more

Dev Log #7 Character Update and more


Character concept and final version and concepts of the enemies.

Dev Log #6 Art and Starting Production fase

Dev Log #6 Art and Starting Production fase

News 2 comments

This week we are finishing Pre Production fase and we are about to start Production. Also we have new concept art for the scene.

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