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Few Anagativa possess the gift of Kristala - the ability to communicate with the magic-infused sacred crystals. To understand their longing. To know their desires.

​As one blessed with the gift, you must embark on the quest to becoming a famed Raksaka warrior: keeper of crystals, master of all Ailuran sacred magic.

​As you journey clan to clan, seeking out the crystals and overcoming obstacles and enemies along the way, you must discover who - or what - has cursed the creatures of Ailur, mutating them into monstrous, murderous beasts.

​Before you can fully master each crystal's magic, you must first defeat the six powerful Shard Guardians that stand watch over them.

​When you've completed your Raksaka trial, defeated all enemies, and uncovered who's responsible for the curse, you will have won Kristala.

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