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In a time where commercial police forces monitor the galaxy, money is the driving force behind arrests. More prisoners means more funding. As the greed of commercialized law enforcement grew, laws became more and more strict causing everyday people to be arrested for the smallest offenses.

High arrest rates led to more money but quickly caused prison overcrowding, giving birth to the Justice Auction System. Now prisoners are simply arrested and sold to the highest bidder. It doesn’t matter what we’re used for, just that there’s room for another prisoner to make another dollar.

You have been arrested and purchased by BioMass Labs for testing at their remote facility: Kohate. No one knows what they do there, but no one has ever come back. You belong to them now, and you will have to perform whatever test they give you… good luck. Stay alive.


Forced to take part in their strange experiment, you are the next subject to enter the Kohate complex.

Explore the complex to find the objects you need to unlock new areas and progress, complete the requirements of your test, and avoid the abomination that has been let loose within the halls at all costs!

Kohate revisits the world of the first solo project from Brian Clarke: The Subject. Bringing a new experience to the mysterious facility with a new location, new test, and expansion upon the lore of The Subject universe.

  • Stealth horror
  • Multiple endings
  • secrets to discover
  • Casual mode (no monster)
  • Designed to be played in one sitting
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Making a horror in 2 months


I’ve been pretty silent on everything but twitch and twitter the past few months. It can be difficult, as a single person, to develop a game, make weekly blog posts, make YouTube videos, and be active on all social media. Now that some of the dust has settled from Kohate development, I figured I’d talk about what I’ve been doing!


After I launched Our Secret Below back in July, my plan was to jump directly on to The Mortuary Assistant. But I took a step back and thought about Halloween coming up.

I COULD just do a sale on my current games and let that be it, but then I thought it could be fun to try and have something new and small out in time for Halloween.

Instead of spending 2 months spinning up Mortuary Assistant, which has no assigned launch date, I could possible produce something small and fun for people to enjoy for Halloween (and maybe get another title out that could get people aware of my work)


Obviously 2.5 months (by Oct.15) isn’t much time, so I looked to the very first game I created, The Subject, for a potential base. I thought it would be neat to expand a bit on the universe I had set out to make in 2018. The premise also worked well for re-use.

A huge, nightmarish, testing facility out in deep space. The plan was to create a new test, with a new character, in the same complex. This opened up all the assets from The Subject for use.


Obviously, I didn’t want to just re-arrange the assets from The Subject and call it a day. That’s not worthy of a new title. I spent a long time create lots of new rooms, props, and writing story/content to expand on the concept. There’s even multiple endings and lots of voice over content. I think the player will enjoy finding all the little bits and pieces of lore.

I’ve also sunken a great deal of time into the atmosphere of the project as I am a huge fan of mood and world building in my games.


Kohate is far removed from The Subject in play style. While the theme is the same, there are no large puzzles, nor is there a hugeantic maze to get lost in.

This complex is much smaller, with the game play focused on progressing through the test and the cat and mouse experience with the monster (though there is an option to play without it). It is far more straight forward and tailored to a shorter, single sitting, experience.


I spent a lot of long days modeling new assets, animating, and recording VO and mixing sound FX but the coding was the largest undertaking.

I didn’t want the same game so I made sure I developed a lot of new mechanics around the monster and the experience in the complex. Mechanics like noise generation that triggers the monster, a fluid hiding system involving stealth, natural evasion, and specific hiding spots, physics objects that need to be carried to complete certain tasks, a special intro to better setup the story, and events that give a more cinematic experience within the game.

I also created three alternate endings for launch and some fun steam achievements. I’ve been busy!


So that’s what Kohate is. A smaller horror game spun-off from The Subject, designed to be something fun for people to grab for Halloween. I’m putting everything I have into this project as I do with everything and it’s specifically designed to be a smaller experience which is why I’ll only be charging $4.99 for it.

I had a lot of fun making this game and I think there is a lot to enjoy in it. I hope you can wishlist it (or pick it up if you are reading this later)

Kohate will be launching on both Steam and Itch.io on October 15th! Thanks for reading!



ITCH (live on the 15th)

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