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Klalha is "a curse". You play as a Hero in a land plagued with abominations. Will you find the source of it? Will you defeat it? Klalha is a single player action RPG from a 3rd person perspective. It plays like a classic RPG with 2.5D graphics.

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Klalha is a single player RPG game made with Unity.

In Klalha your character tries to find out what is happening in their land, what happened to himself and on top of that trying to survive the deadly abominations infesting the land.

Klalha will feature a very interesting story and some common fun RPG elements.

Picking up items, digging dirt, opening bottles with notes by the shore, treasure chests, getting equipment and magic. The good stuff.

I think this is it, the game that I really think is going to be good. I develop it from a more mature place as a "game designer". I think I am not in a hurry to finish it, but I make steady progress at the same time.

How much do you think I should update about this game?

There is an issue with showing too many updates, too often, revealing too much. People like new things, and if I show you a lot of the game, by the time it's released it won't be as exciting.

I think I figured out the game design part of this game, but I ask you... how much should I reveal and update the "fans"?

(The videos are vid.me links, I am trying to avoid youtube yet indieDB doesn't seem to support vid.me iframe)



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Klalha is an action RPG set in a fantasy land. It plays like a clasic RPG game with a 2.5D graphics. Link to web version of an early build for you to...

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