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KINETIK is a near-future, online tactical shooter with deep RPG crafting and leveling, controlling a drone that will help you defeat your enemies in 4 vs 4 (or 8 vs 8 if you count 1 drone for each player). Inspired by real military technologies, plenty of ranking and stats, loot rarities, able to customize your guns, suit and drones throughout the game (including the intelligence of your Drone & defensive/offensive capabilities). Two industry professionals team up - Mat Broome and Kevin McPherson (EverQuest, H1Z1, Planetside 2, DC Universe Online) to give you the kind of tactical shooter you would never see from the triple A industry.


Mat's favorite games are shooters. Kevin is a former Marine. They're both huge fans of classic shooter games in particular. To say KINETIK's shooter mechanics are a priority would be an understatement.

  • Near-future technology in KINETIK means weapon concepts and movements you're already familiar with. Combined with simple controls, KINETIK is easy to learn and tough to master.

  • First AND third person cameras are enabled for KINETIK. And yes, the guys are aware of corner-peeking, so they've designed the maps around that.

KINETIK differs from many shooters on the market by heavily rewarding good squad tactics.

  • Build your team intelligently and communicate well with your squad to win.

  • Players and computer-controlled opponents (NPCs) have access to cover and shoot systems, your team will need to find the best angles for tactical advantage. Sorry Rambos!

  • Each of the three Special Forces units you build your characters from (Navy SEALs, British Special Forces, or Russian Spetsnaz) has its own advantages and disadvantages in combat. Learn the differences or suffer the consequences.

  • Levels in KINETIK are destructible in various ways. This means elements like security doors can be bypassed via hacking, vents and other access points can decimated by items from your arsenal, and walls can be breached. You can even access select areas with specialized Engineer class tools.

Mat and Kevin bring RPG design experience from shipping multiple MMORPGs to KINETIK.

  • Choose to build your Special Forces operative within one of three iconic classes: Assault, Recon or Engineer.

  • Within your chosen class your operative levels along both unique skill trees and career paths, allowing for a ton of possible character and squad builds.

  • Acquire blueprints, then use them to craft new gear and firepower with collected resources and in-game currency.

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Kinetik - Beta incoming


A great blast from the past, early next year I look forward to showing the next story reveal, new gameplay and new graphics!

All of your patience will be rewarded we have been working VERY Hard and I'm up late working on a total graphics update that I think might just blow you away [I hope anyway].

Its really nice to look back at this game-play reveal trailer and see how far we've come. Q1 next year the NEW trailer and gameplay will drop along with launch details for Beta.

Get even more on KINETIK, check out featured content at Facebook.com or visit the game's official website Kinetikthegame.com

Kinetic - Kickstarter

Kinetic - Kickstarter

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Many thanks to Samit Sarkar and the rest of the folks at Polygon for their great feature on Hero Machine Studios and how they are using KINETIK to prove...

Rpatterson(Zstudios) - - 33 comments

This game looks promising.Hope to see what great things would come about in this game.

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