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What's Up guys, I'm Rashad Patterson and I'm a indie developer, founder and CEO of Zstudios ,and I love PlayStation (even though they stolen 1.99 of dlc that I bought, but It's cool.)
Im a Artist 3d modelest, aspiring musician, and a Script/Novel Writer.

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AYE! What's good everyone,

It's been awhile since the last update, so what have I been doing?

I recently just got back to school and this is now my Senior year of Highschool. Finally, I'm almost of out of high school and now looking to expand my reach more on Game Development through college. I mean YouTube is great in all for tutorials to show me how to do certain things but I prefer actually working with people and I don't have the time to reply to the author of the tutorial and tell them if I had a problem with my code and they don't respond in a short duration.

Ok now that personal stuff is out the way, let's talk games. Open Dimension Portals has been switch for Unity to Unreal Engine 4. This is the third time on this project I had to switch engine due to workflow issues. As much as I like Unity for it offers, especially it latest 2018.x updates with new Shader Graph, Nested Prefabs, Built-in Post Processing, etc. I still wasn't able to get a grasp on how to prototype a 2D character without running to problems. Sometimes when I add animations to a sprite, physics doesn't work. There where times I went online for a 2D controller script so I don't have to go through the hassle of writing everything out to later find out when using it, it still gave me problems from not being able to move.

I appreciate what Unity has done for me for the last 6 years of using it, but I gotta be honest, somethings don't work out right in some situations. As a result of that I switched to UE4 and surprising after an hour of setting up animations, adding level geometry and some U.I stuff I actually had a prototype running. That's crazy! After months of trying to figure out how to move a simple character in 2D space in Unity using a complicated system that still did work compared to the short amount of time of setting up Blueprint Action for everything to function right is amazing. I still had to look up some tutorials just to check If I'm doing things correctly since I haven't used UE4 in a while, but it paid off.

Here is a sample screenshot of what I have as of now:


I manage to get mobile controls to work, expect for laying on the ground (I still haven't figured whether it required axis input of action input, but I'll figure it out later)

So what I'm gonna do next? I'm going to trying add climbing and attacking enemies in the game and maybe try to make dialogue system. I'll see what I get to as of right now since school is probably gonna majority of my time.

Ok, I think that everything I have as of right now. Stay tuned for the next update and thank you for your support.



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This is the IndieDB page of Zstudios, an indie studio maned by Rpatterson


Hey Rpatterson, Thanks for the follow for Star Plantation!

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Rpatterson(Zstudios) Creator

No Problem

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