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Kinetic Void is available through the Steam Store


Modular Ship Designs and Construction - Create your ship exactly how you want it. Build your ship to fit your play style from the following modules, then add subsystems for added features:

  • Cockpit / Bridge
  • --Sensors
  • Hull Sections
  • --Reactors (provide power)
  • --Kinetic Field Generator (protection + allow micro warp)
  • --Cargo (for ammo)
  • --Armor (protection / durability)
  • Engines
  • --Thrusters (forward, backward, pitch, side directional)
  • Drone Hangars (Mining Drones, Combat Drones)
  • --Hangar Bays
  • --Launch Pads
  • --Launch / Dock modifiers
  • Weapon Systems
  • --Kinetic
  • --Energy
  • --Missile (guided or non-guided)
  • Aesthetics / Paint

Real Time Tactical Combat
Target enemy ships and maneuver in real time to align devastating broad-sides or crippling strafing runs. Launch a platoon of drones to confuse or attack an enemy craft as you systematically destroy its defenses. In Kinetic Void, your skills as a pilot are just as important as the components that make your ship.

Procedural Galaxy
When first starting the game the galaxy map will randomly place solar systems, also known as sectors. As the player enters a sector for the first time each game the sector will be generated. Every time a new game is started the player can count on it being a different experience than the last!

Politics and Diplomacy
In Kinetic Void the galaxy is a living breathing thing, not all factions get along, not all of them hate each other. Throughout the game as factions interact with each other agreements and treaties will be made and broken, trade, combat, piracy and other things will have an effect on how the factions see each other based on their own internal faction system. When it is time for an agreement to be made, or declaration, the system will make a check and factor in the faction rating to determine if the diplomatic action goes into play.

The player will be able to complete assignments or jobs on behalf of factions, and in this way can have a direct impact on how one faction treats another, or, stay out of politics altogether and go it on your own! The player will have his/her own ratings with each faction as well. Examples of factions are Governments, Companies, and Organizations. The plan is to have enough factions that not all of them will be seen in every game.

To further enhance the living galaxy and diplomatic systems there will be a detailed simulated economy that the player and other factions will partake in, and influence through supply and demand. Combat not your style? Take on the life of a galactic trader and possibly influence politics while doing so! Need to stay neutral? Use your mining drones to mine fields of asteroids, then sell the ore to neighboring factions for profit!

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8 Animated Weapon Hardpoints, 25 New Weapons, new target display in Sector, functioning Warp Gates.


  • Main Menu
    • Starter ship: In new Career Mode galaxy, the player gets a list of pre-built ships to start with instead of a random set of parts. Starter ships are determined by which ship files are present within SaveFiles/Starter. Ships in this folder are loaded on first run, but are never saved over.

  • Weapon
    • 8 new hardpoint/weapon mounts added. These are animated and require an activation time when engaging an enemy. They deactivate on their own after a certain amount of time without a target.
    • 25 new weapons have been added as subsystems for new hardpoint system. Each weapon has unique stats and behaviour. This is an ongoing effort and will be updated as development continues for gameplay/balance.
    • Anti Missile System (AMS) Subsystem - Attaches to hardpoint/weapon mount, tracks and destroys incoming missiles. Cannot be manually controlled or assigned to weapon groups.

  • Sector Display:
    • UPPER LEFT: In sector, added a Selected Object Information Panel with the following info:
      • Distance
      • Selected Object's:
        • Name
        • Icon
        • Classification
        • Faction
        • Faction Hostility towards player
        • Image of Object
    • UPPER RIGHT CORNER: Target Lock Indicator(s) with the following info:
      • Distance
      • Faction Hostility towards player
      • Health Bar
      • Shield Bar
      • Weapon Groups Assigned
      • Tooltip text is available on hover.

    • Locking onto targets now has a delay based on Sensor Speed. "Acquiring Target Lock" displays until lock is complete, and the blue selection bracket will fade over to the red locked bracket.
    • Selected Locked Target now has an animation to indicate which target is selected.
    • Maximum lock targets is now based off the Sensor stats.
    • Warp Gate System: Use warp gates (designated in specific sectors) to travel to other star systems. Each has a specific destination within each star system. The Warp Gate Icon is always visible, regardless of your distance from it. Approach the Warp Gate, enter the gate and a menu will appear on the right, giving you the choice to warp to the Sector listed. If the gate has multiple destinations, you can use the drop down menu (click the Sector name) to select which Sector to travel to. This is currently the only way to move between Star Systems. The Sector warping on the map will only work for Sectors in your current Star System.
    • When warping to another sector or star system there is now an actual effect instead of just loading the new sector. When using a warp gate, the ship will enter being warping once the player uses the warp menu to initiate it. When warping to another sector from the map, the map will close and the ship will align to face the destination sector before entering warp. This alignment phase is identical to using the align or warp to function, and as with those cases, user input will interrupt the process and return control to the player.
    • New AI behavior: Small ships can now turn off their drag and face another direction while shooting.


  • Shipyard Changes
    • Ship names may now have spaces or underscores_ in them.
    • Changed Engine Subsystems so that the Engine Module can only hold a single Engine Subsystem, but still can hold multiple Boosters.
    • Removed old weapon models. Note: All stock ships have been updated for the new weapon systems
    • Weapon Manager has been updated. Weapons will default to Weapon Group 1 and Manual, as well as their default weapon type. Left clicking on weapon name will highlight that weapon blue and set the camera's pivot point to the weapon, right clicking on the weapon name will open the Subsystem Manager for that module. Hovering over the weapon name will display weapon stats in a tooltip if the weapon has a Subsystem applied to it.
      • Added a toggle for animated weapons in the shipyard manager, this will toggle all weapons with an activation/deactivation animation. Weapons will reset upon closing the Weapon Manager
    • Moved the Hanger Manager Window to the right side of the screen and stacked the window. The ship will be more visible without the manger window over top giving a better view of which hangar bay you have selected.
  • Sector/Game Changes
    • Upon creating a new game, the game will start the player in a non-hostile sector, not just the first sector it finds with a station.
    • When choosing which ship to spawn, the AI will prefer ships closer in size to the player's ship. Larger ships may still spawn, but this will hopefully provide a reasonable difficulty curve in campaign mode. Ships with an extreme module count will be penalized in the spawn chance calculation and spawn more rarely.
    • Ships that spawn upon loading into a sector will typically belong to the faction that owns the Sector. Loading in to find a group of hostile ships should only happen in hostile Sectors (but will be more likely than before if you are in a hostile sector).
    • The Station Docking prompt is now a slide out menu (like the new warp prompt.)
    • The Planetary Warning has been repositioned the lower left corner of the screen (rather than centered)
    • When selecting an object out in space the icon will now move to the lower right hand side of the selection/target bracket so that the object is visible.
  • Map Changes
    • The right click menu on the map now always appears centered, instead of over the mouse position when you clicked.
    • The map's right click menu has been changed. When you click on a sector in the list, instead of immediately warping, a new menu element appears to the right to display information about warping to that sector. If the player can warp there, the big red button will initiate warp. If the player is already in that Sector, or the Sector is in another star System, the button will be grayed out and text below the button will explain why it is disabled. The information panel in the upper left displays what warp connections, if any, that sector has.
  • We have updated our GUI middleware to its latest version. This will hopefully resolve some minor bugs (such as render depth issues). GUI assets, especially text, should be noticeably improved in appearance.
  • Armor plating is now more effective at preventing engine damage.
  • Kinetic Ammo - Reduced the cost and increased the quantity purchased.


  • Shipyard
    • Shipyard will no longer set ship names to all lower case when you load into the scene. If you have ships that have been renamed to lower case, rename them once with the desired capitalization and it should stick now.
  • Sector
    • Bug where Laser beam sounds would cut out after a while.
    • Bug where Target Out of Range would stay on locked target after target was clearly in range.
    • Bug where Out of Ammo turrets were able to attempt to fire causing performance issues.
    • Enemies the player attacks with manual fire will now become hostile to the player.Ships will use a 3 strikes policy before attacking.
    • Issue where weapon fire spread was not calculated correctly when in manual fire.
    • Issue where the align functionality would do nothing if the target to align to was exactly behind the ship.
    • Bug where Tab and Z would not cycle to the correct target.
    • Bug that would allow the sun to shine through planets.
    • Bug where the Drone Management button would be visible when the ship did not have any drone capacity.
Kinetic Void Launches D10 Update!

Kinetic Void Launches D10 Update!


Weapon Systems added, new station models, new radar icons and additional AI added to faction simulations.

Kinetic Void - Last 8 hours, Kickstarter

Kinetic Void - Last 8 hours, Kickstarter

News 1 comment

We are down to the final 8 hours of our campaign. Things look grim, but we still hope we can pull a miracle. With over 1,500 backers, it’s clear that...

Last week!

Last week!


Our Kickstarter is doing wonderfully, we are just about to 45% at the time of this writing. Minimum pledge for a copy of the game is $10! We have also...

Kinetic Kickstarter!

Kinetic Kickstarter!


Tonight we have launched our Kinetic Void Kickstarter! Please check it out! Even if you cannot back us, you can help us greatly by helping to spread the...

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The game looks awesome, I hope someday a we can see a mp mod for this game, it trully deserves it.

I got a question about the game though, it is able to be run without steam running on background? If so, you got a new buyer :).

Anyway, have fun and good luck with the project.

Edit: It seems you are using 1€ = 1$ conversion, I would recommend to set the prices in each region accordingly, or at least a bit more fair, any currency converter can help, or pages like steamprices. Again, have fun a good luck :)

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Damn this looks cool! Can't wait for more updates!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Interesting game, found it on steam and will defiantly try the ship demo!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So glad you guys made it! Now get to work, I gotta conquer the stars.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I've been looking for a game like this, i'm really glad someone's got round to making it, keep at it dude, don't give up.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
LumberingTroll Creator

Our kickstarter is live! and a new update to the shipyard demo!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
LumberingTroll Creator

Ive uploaded the 0.0.15 version that we released today, new User Interfance, ship parts and color profile, and more. As soon as its processed, it can be downloaded here, or you can go and get it from our website. KineticVoid.com

also, please start spreading the word! we need to get more people involved!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
LumberingTroll Creator

I have setup an updater for the demo, it can be found on The Shipyard Demo page at our official website.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
LumberingTroll Creator

Our shipyard demo is live, seems to be taking a long time for indiedb to auth the download get it at our site!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

you guys should have some dubstep as the audio lol

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
LumberingTroll Creator

haha Artem would not be happy to hear this!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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