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The year is 2114. Earth is home to 20 billion people and is fast running out of food. Luckily Roboplant Industries has devised a strategy to avert disaster. With the help of our trusty robot workers and the most advanced hydroponic farming techniques in the galaxy, you’ll have the chance to build a thriving food production industry on Mars, from the ground up.


From a small landing pad, you will construct your empire piece by piece to make space for your workers and their machines. Think it sounds easy? Think again! Life on Mars is hard and there are always multiple tasks to manage as your business grows, so it’s best to try and plan ahead in case things get sticky.


Roboplant Industries will provide you with the latest hydroponic farming technologies, so you can cultivate numerous fruits and vegetables from seed to sale. Once your products are ready it’s time to go take them to market. With several contracts to manage at any given time and various shortages to overcome, we’ll sort the business fakers from the multinational makers. Play your cards right and you’ll be a space agricultural tycoon in no time.


Roboplant Industries will provide you with all the tools you need to get started, but what sort of benevolent overlords would we be if we did it all for you? By building research centres, you’ll have the opportunity to discover new and better machines and processes, which could well lead to the discovery of more delicious plant species to grow, package and sell, sell, sell!


Roboplant Industries are offering you the chance to employ their famous workers, Beebop 179. But like all workers, they come with strings attached. Beebop 179 will provide you with excellent service, as long as you treat them with the respect they deserve. They don’t take kindly to exploitation, so take good care of them or you’ll have big trouble on your hands!

So, there you have it. Are you ready for the challenge of saving Earth’s food supply from afar?

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Dashing through the snow on a new alien planet….well, are you ready for our December official release?

As we anticipated in our article a few weeks ago, a new alien planet has landed in Roboplant's world and you can now build your hydroponics empire in a different, exciting environment. We decided to call this planet Kytoon and to cover it with snow and ice crystals in honour of the arrival of December and winter.

Some of you have already had the honour of testing this new game branch, finding all the nasty bugs and helping us fix them so we could make the gaming experience better. We thank you again for the messages you have sent us and for the enormous help! We hope you like the new game addition and enjoy playing Roboplant surrounded by a wintery environment.

For those of you who are new to the world of Roboplant, below you can find a small summary of the features that this new release will bring to the game:

A new planet, of course!

roboplant winter update 2022 kyt

While you stay warm and cosy drinking some hot chocolate, you can immerse yourselves into a planet covered entirely with snow. On Kytoon you can do the same things you do on Maylo, plus there are some unique decorations related only to this planet. Ok, we are not really good at keeping secrets so we’ll just give you some clues: gifts, ribbons and a magical snowfall.

A better UI

We got a lot of feedback from you on the UI and how we should improve it and that is what we did. We focused on two aspects, planning the production and managing your workers.

roboplant winter 2022 update ima

Selecting what you wanted to produce was a tedious task, it required a lot of effort and clicks just to set up one producer. But with the new panel, you are now able to choose what you want to produce much more quickly and with less hustle.

roboplant winter 2022 update ima 1

Managing workers was also a bit complex, especially when you had to plan their priorities. We visually improved the UI making it more clear and easy to use.

New plants to grow: melon and praisie

roboplant v0 6 0 melon

We are growing our vegetable and fruit family with two new entries: a melon plant and an alien one called praisie. Praisie is an aromatic plant whose red and orange leaves are used to flavour dishes in various intergalactic cuisines due to their fragrant and slightly sweet flavour. Are you curious to check it out?

Move constructions and auto buy option

To make the game smoother, we decided to add two very important features.

The first one is the ability to move constructions and objects easily - the good part is that you can keep what has been planned for the object and if it's a producer you only need it to start it again. The same goes for the research table.

The second one is related to ordering materials. Before, you had to constantly check what was missing. Now, we added the possibility to automatically order new materials when they go below a certain threshold. This automatic check on missing resources is done twice a day, at 8 am and 8 pm, so plan accordingly!

Additional storages

If you are able to grow your business quickly, you will reach a certain point where the initial storage space will no longer be sufficient. For this reason, we have added the possibility of placing new additional storage to satisfy your needs!

Wind power at your disposal

In Kytoon you can use solar panels to produce electricity, but they won’t be very efficient because there isn’t much sun there. Luckily you have wind turbines at your disposal! They will give you a small and constant supply of energy. Be aware, on Maylo wind is not a big thing!

We still have many features to implement, the list is still long and we never stop! In the meantime, we hope you can enjoy this Christmas season while having fun with our game. As always, write to us and let us know what you think!

Here you can see more about us: linktr.ee/roboplant

Thank you very much for your time and see you soon!

Roboplant October Recap - Let your workers chill!

Roboplant October Recap - Let your workers chill!


In October we added a new production machine, three new ways for your workers to relax and much more!

Roboplant September Recap - The demo is out

Roboplant September Recap - The demo is out


In September we released the demo on Steam, we added two new production machines and localized Roboplant in 11 languages.

Roboplant August Recap - More plants, skilled workers and more

Roboplant August Recap - More plants, skilled workers and more


In August we added new fruits and vegetables for you to grow and we gave Beebop a way to express himself and to make you notice his feelings! Furthermore...

Roboplant - July 2022 Recap - New rooms layouts, new ways to make a profit and more!

Roboplant - July 2022 Recap - New rooms layouts, new ways to make a profit and more!


In July we added new rooms layouts for you to use, new ways to make a profit completing contracts and a panel where you can keep an eye on your expenses.


Cool game by the looks of it!

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Looks interesting. Tracking:)

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