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Killer Elite – Time to Die

We are honored to introduce First Person Shooter game in early access., we need your opinion and your feedback. We hope that you will be the part of make some bigger.

Game Modes

Right now, you can choose between two types of modes: Survival and classic Team Deathmatch.

Currently, each map can be operated simultaneously by up to 16 players. Among the maps there are for example: Explosive Urban, Insane Hospital, Scifi Platform, Destroyed City, Near East. We hope that everyone will find somehing for himself.


Presently there are avaible 14 kinds of weapons. You can find long and short-range weapon. Hurtful grenades, quiet knives , noiseless sniper weapon, effective automatic machine guns. Course you can grab AK-47. Weapon is the most important factor, so if you want to have the biggest score, you need to look around, because the best weapon is hidden. Use your imagination and climb possibility.

Control System

The innovative control system form allows for two types of views: First and Third person. You are also able to climb the ladder to gain for example M-16 or take the best position to sniper shoot. Clean scope guarantees clean shoot ;)

Take on the Marines and join to the game.

You can be one of Killer Elite !

Is this a time to die right now or time for killing ?


- New types of GameModes

- New User Interface

- Extra Maps

- Greater Arsenal

- VR Support

- New soundtracks

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Need some help

News 1 comment

Hi !

On preview Image you can see my face :D

This blond girl is me :)

Yeah, I have a face and I need some help..

From some reason, I need to make legal company.
Also, I need to change my PC for better. Right now I`m working on Intel Core i5 and GeForce GTX 660 and Windows 7. In some case I can`t even build a light maps. Or make an UV Map of my model.

So like you see, your support is very important. Your support will give me a main tool for working. I`m hard working person, I spend about 10-16 hours per day on working. Your help wil give me a chance to make my dreams come true.


You know my games on Steam and Google Play. So I will shering my photos with big smile :)

Have a nice day !

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20170804 124901

Update to Unreal Enginee

Update to Unreal Enginee


Migrating from Unity 5 to Unreal Enginee starts :) Check the first version in Unreal Enginee !




New mobs are avaible, new props for destroy, new graph effects.

Release Day on Steam

Release Day on Steam


From now, we are avaible on steam to download ! Feel free to download and leave your feedback :)

Madness Weekend Sale

Madness Weekend Sale


Check Madness sale ! From Friday Morning to Sunday Midnight : 77% off

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