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We already have been working on this project and have made quite a few assets already. This project is being created using the incredible Unreal Engine 4. The reason we are looking for new members is that our programmer does not have a lot of time anymore to continue on this project, so we mainly need an experienced programmer. But besides that any extra help is welcome.

The main goal is to create a fun shooter, not to tactical but not to unrealistic. How can a low poly shooter possibly be realistic? What I really mean is sounds, animations and shooting mechanics will be made as realistic as possible. You will be able to shoot trough wood and some degree of weapons will be able to shred through concrete. Although we will add fun stuff to make it less serious, funny victory dances or posses chose able by the player and maybe some perks like double jump faster reloads and maybe even a grappling hook.

Player customization will also play a big role, you can equip different accessories but also different defeat and victory poses/dances this also goes with melee attacks you can chose for instance a high kick as melee attack but it also could be a smack to the face. And maybe even beyond this. Weapons will also be customisable to an extend like skins, sights, barrels and maybe change able parts like triggers and handles for weapon improvement? Who knows!

Leveling up will also be a part, you gain experience per game and can use that to level up reloading. Reloading animations will change according your reloading level. Reloading level 1? Just a normal reload but is it level 2 the animation would be a slightly faster and more tactical reload so its not going to be the same animation sped up. And this can be for many more abilities.

Modding, in my opinion the biggest and most important part of a game. If there is a game that is not mod able I will most likely not like it! Modding has been a big part of my gaming career, I have worked on countless mods for countless games. So I am hoping we will be able to release mod tools and so on.

We are using Source tree and bit bucket for the version control and we are not planning on using a whole lot of blue printing (But if you are good at it please don't hesitate to contact)

So what we have done so far is a full animation system, we got jumping, running, sprinting, slow walking, crouching, prone, falling, death animations and even more than that.

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Hello! And welcome to our page.
We are currently building our team because we have some open spots that need to be filled in before we can go on.
If you got anything that could help us out don't hesitate to contact me!

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How do you download it?

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hellceaser2 Creator
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You cant sorry.

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