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ISO-Break is an old idea re-imagined with new game mechanics, stunning graphics, and riveting music. We took a wonderful classic and added some good new age gaming fashion to it.

To start, the blocks are controlled by physics and gravity. They'll collapse, burn, explode and crumble, depending on how and what hits them. Your ball has been revamped as well. With state of the art speed manipulation and direction altering physics, powered by unrivaled hate for cubes, they'll be vaporized before they could care.

Let us not forget that wonderful paddle though. With a quirky trait to change shape or to gather smaller paddles with a powerful will towards making an impassable wall, that ball will never get passed you! Unless you're terrible. Yeah!

So if you think this is the game for you, give that delicious, moist, yes button a hit. If you're not to fond of this beautiful idea, go ahead and show your hate by hitting that yes button! Trust us, we'll understand by counting all those loathed filled yes'.

Game-Play Features:

  • Gravity Controlled Blocks
  • Ball & Paddle Changing Items
  • Game-Play Effecting Weather
  • Challenging Levels
  • Leader Board Support

Work-Shop Features:

  • Build & Share Levels
  • Link Levels to Create Entire Stages
  • Select Score Amount for Blocks
  • Place or Randomize Items (You can specify what block spawns what item and at what chance.)
  • Place Special Blocks

Special Blocks:

  • Blue Shields - A Shaped Shield that will be destroyed after Hit
  • Red Shields - Shields that cannot be destroyed
  • Green Shields - must be destroyed by meeting special conditions
  • Boom Barrels - Barrels that explode after they are hit
  • Death Block - Once Hit the ball is destroyed
  • Spawn Block - Can be set to spawn one or many kinds of blocks a number of times or infinitely.
  • Cloud Block - Spawns a fog around the block making it difficult to see the ball
  • Item Ball - Items can be already set in the world to be set up in 'cages'
  • New Blocks will be added in the future.

What's In Store For You

ISO-Break, once bought, will contain free updates and balances. I want EarthCake Studios to be free from paid dlc. So all new contain to this game and any others created by us will be put into automatic updates.

We have a lot of other stages currently being made along with new items, blocks, stage backgrounds, and weather.

To anyone who can translate, we would like your help to translate our menus to make ISO-Break easier to play for everyone.

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Dev-Blog 1


Dev-Blog 1

Only few blogs remain after this update. We also added a new 'Launch' feature, new blocks, and the biggest change by far, We've added Boss levels.

Bugs & Fixes:

  • Fixed Paddle hit boxes sending the ball in random directions.
  • Fixed Blocks dropping through the intended stop zone.
  • Fixed Items being forced up above the reach of the paddle.
  • As of now, only visual bugs/artifacts remain.

Whats New?:

  • Added a New Feature simply called 'Launch'.
    • The first launch sends the ball with enough force to destroy a small collection bricks and makes for easier aim.
  • Added new blocks, Stunner and Mover.
    • Stunner, is a add-on for any block and will stun the paddle for a short time when they come in contact with each other.
    • Mover, is also an add-on for most blocks, allows the block to move in any direction, and even through other blocks if desired.
  • Added Boss Levels.
    • At the end of each stage will ow be a Boss level.
    • These levels are harder and carry a unusual mechanic for catching the player off guard and making it more varied and challenging.

All of these changes will be shown in the our first game-play trailer coming soon.

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