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A major twist on the Puzzle platformer genre in which you play with shadows in your imaginative ways to solve unique logical puzzles.

In My Shadow
takes you on a wonderous journey through the mind of Bella in pursuit of reconciliation with her past. The game features 4 rooms with a total of more than 50 puzzles to solve. Each room offers a different glimpse into her memories, exploring the changing relationships in her family. The shadows within each level must be manipulated via objects to progress and there is often more than one solution to a challenge.


The gameplay revolves around a unique core mechanic - the shadows. You can use the shadows however you like. There can be more than one solution to a puzzle.


The game constantly challenges you with multidimensional mechanics that force you to invent new ways to use shadows.


  • Refreshingly clever puzzles that make use of shadows and shapes in ways you never thought were possible.
  • More than 50 levels spread across the walls of four rooms, each with its own set of distinct mechanics.
  • A heart-felt story about Bella's mental apprehensions, narrated through her childhood memories.
  • Melodic music that flows seamlessly throughout the game to let you deeply absorb the emotion.
  • A beautifully colorful representation of Bella's house that reflects the individual personalities of everyone in her family.
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Hello Everyone!
My name is Nakul and I am the Solo Developer behind my game called In My Shadow. A few weeks ago, In My Shadow was finally released on Steam for everyone to enjoy.

This has been a long and wonderful journey. One full of extreme challenges and victories! The fact that it is now out there makes me reflect on its beginnings, which was roughly two years back!

In The Shadows

The very first 'Shadow Prototype'When it was just an idea, or rather a concept that was being tested for its technical viability. Glad it passed the test right?

The prototype was named - In The Shadows.
This game was always called In The Shadows until I realized its high time I stop using names that were already there.
Also, you might notice that here the shadows and the player can be moved simultaneously. (Not so) good old days! Why did I have to change it? That's a story for some other day.

The best looking 'prototype' I could have.
This was somewhere between a prototype and a full game, This was more of a Proof of concept and design. But it lacked a narrative structure and a LOT of polish.

And now this is where we are. At this moment, I can't help but think of everyone who has been a part of this journey. Thank you for all your love and support. Without the appreciation and criticisms of the community, the game wouldn't have come this far!

Don't forget to join the Discord as we engage the most with out community over there. Feel free to share your opinion/feedback with us!

That's it. I can't wait to see the what the IndieDB community has to say about this.

Thank you!
- Playbae & Alcon Interactive Group

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