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Hometown is a single-player/multiplayer co-op experience for 1-2 players. Players will have a HUB area called Hometown, where will be able to build an entire village while progressing through the main campaign. The game will feature mini-games to be played in coop mode too, so you can have some real fun with your bf, gf, best friend, etc in a Mario Party style. Other features are also planned like housing management, inventory system, etc.

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Construction Action Bar

A fully functional action bar for construction mode. The design has been chosen based on the previous mini-map work.


All constructions can be placed in here for fast deployment on the grid. Functions like add/delete and replace are working. Delete can also be executed during exploration mode by holding LB or RB + A.

New Boxo model and animations

The new and final Boxo is here! Here we can see an illustrative image of his evolution, an in-game screenshot and a quick video showing some of his animations during exploration and construction modes (in multiplayer! ^^).

For the record, the Boxo character (this blob-like creature) is one of the playable characters. It is the one for construction. The other character, still in development, will be used for the combat/exploration side of the game.

You can also follow the development in my Twitter account.


Boxo design


in-game screenshot

Boxo in action!

Hometown theme music - DevLog

Hometown theme music - DevLog


A devlog from Julian Fung, the composer behind "Hometown" theme.

Radar HUD

Radar HUD

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The radar, a new HUD element that shows a schematic view of the town.

First version of the building system

First version of the building system

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Quick video showing the the first version of the building system with two players.

First development video for Hometown (Co-op game)

First development video for Hometown (Co-op game)


This is the first video of this little project of mine. It is in a early prototype stage at the moment, but I am having a blast with it so I just wanted...

FenderXT - - 54 comments

Looks really great so far. Co-op adventures is the best. This look very sweet and fun! Keep up the good work!

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SergiNicolas Creator
SergiNicolas - - 12 comments

Thank you!! :))

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