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Mechanised team-based combat to the death, take charge of your mech in frantic weapon-filled battles on the wastelands of earth and beyond 500 years in the future

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Oct 6 2017 Anchor

All downloads for HeavySteel are available over at Hockeyapp. This is just so we can upload a build and have it automatically notify subscribers much easier (and in terms of iOS builds let us get device ID's to add to the provisioning profile).

Well I've decided if I don't release something now this will end up like all the other games I've started and never finished.

This should give you a chance to play around with the core gameplay, suggest improvements, report bugs. I'm really interested to find out if there's any pieces of scenery you can manage to sneak through and hide in; any issues with collisions or weapons just not killing people enough. Let me know about any balancing issues (i.e. weapon power) etc and any performance issues you may have on your configuration.

The single player mode lets you play against teams of bots, by default you have the relatively easy bots to contend with, if you feel like a challenge why not head to the settings screen on the main page and ramp the bot difficulty up and then try your luck (it increases their view range, speed and fire rate). You can also change the round length (first to 5,10,20 or 30) for single player mode in settings.

The multiplayer mode at present is a "quick-play" style multiplayer, the game will find your best region and throw you into the action in the first available room (or create one if it can't find a free slot) in a first to 30 round. Being placed in the top 3 of any round gives you more credits which you can use to upgrade mechs etc.

Leaderboards are also available, but to change your name you will need to register in-app with playfab.

Hope you like it, if you don't, well thanks for trying it anyway but still let me know ☺

Desktop Beta (Windows & Mac OSX)

Currently it is available for Windows + MacOSX, there is no Linux version at present (as I have no way of testing it), but if there is a demand for one then I can easily create a Linux build. There is no installer for the demo just download the zip and run, final version will come with a proper installer.

The downloads for the desktop version are available here

Windows Download Page

OSX Download Page

Mobile Beta (Android & iOS)

The minimum Android version is 5, and for iOS you need an iOS7+ device. Performance at present is frame locked to 30fps on mobile versions.

Android Download Page

Unfortunately, due to the way ad-hoc (not off the appstore) releases work on iOS, a version of the game has to be built to specifically include your device. Instructions for iOS users are available here . You will need to register your deviceID on hockeyapp so that I can make a build which includes your device (sorry, blame Apple, not me :p)

Or you can follow this link which *should* take you straight to the invite page and once accepted email me the deviceID so I can make a build which includes you (curse you Apple and your silly ad-hoc rules)

iOS Download Page


A changelog will be posted with each release in it's own thread, the hockeyapp download page contains a changelog for that particular version as well.


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