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Long-timer gamer and indie developer based in North Wales. Finally moved from writing games from the back of C&VG; on my C64 to using Unity3d :)

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Hi reader,

Welcome to my first blog here on my latest game, Heavy Steel.

This is not the first game I've written, infact this is not even the first game I've written in Unity, however it's more than likely to be the first Unity game I actually end up releasing.

I've started on countless projects in Unity over the past year (some of which may make it to release one day) but each time, work and personal life get in the way and I end up leaving them a few weeks too long and get bored of the idea. I'm hoping the fact that I've stuck with this one mean's it's at least something people will want to play.

For starters, this is the first multiplayer game I've written (we're not going to count fluffykiwib***ds on the Amiga :p) and since most of my gaming is spent multiplayer these days that's keeping my interest peaked.

When deciding on a multiplayer framework it seemed a minefield of options, ultimately I was torn between 3 options, Unity Multiplayer, Photon or rolling something of my own up as I have my own server at a data centre in Manchester, UK. I decided to go with Photon, it seemed the better documented and looking at forums and reddit it seemed the one there was more buzz about. I liked also how there was a multiplayer server you could install for your own games, something I always look for in PC games.

So I'm at the point now where multiplayer's working, the first 2 maps/arena's are mostly done (barring some weird issues where I can walk through closed doors sometimes), I need to tweak the bot AI (for single player mode) some more (I'm using Behavior Designer for unity to create behaviour trees) a little as they all seem to like running into bullets far too often for my liking :). Then I think it'll be time to unleash it onto a small beta test group (already have a few willing participants lined up).

Over the coming week I'll flesh my profile page out here with some videos and screenshots and more info, you can always follow me on instagram where I post in-progress screens and videos.


Thanks for reading and hopefully you'll enjoy what I eventually release.

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