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Hadelmia MMORPG. Discord chat

Hadelmia aims to be the game where roguelike game meets MMORPG game environment.

Goal is to be a game where you can be an adventurer, mage, fighter or even merchant who never wields a weapon. Spiced up with complex and dynamic economy system.

Current status:

Game is still pre-alpha and there will be only small map, bugs and crashes, but this is one man project, so give me some slack ;)


Client download Download a client and make a new account HERE.

Contact info:

You can contact me on Discord

Major version 0.4 RC1.8 New major update is now out, and requiring lot of testing. Please help me to find bugs, and other oddities.

-Info log has now separated tabs for different actions.
-Default window positions and sizes should make more sense now. They are now defined by screen size (need more testing).
-General cleaning of the code. Lot of optimizations and improvements.
-Once a mob strikes you, the game checks which part of your body the blow hits, the armor on that area will be damaged.
-You can now repair your items on vendor (cost is defined by item quality and damage).
-Spell and Item systems overhauled (better and faster code on server side). -Stackable resource items.
-Crafting system overhauled, including now support for stacking resource items.
-Memory optimization, client now frees memory aggressively, after logon and ~30 seconds usage is around 100MB.
-Fixed several memory leaks.
-Fixed stiff and warping movement.
-Skin selector. Located in options menu. Default style is "FalloutStyle" style. Other good canditate is "HeroesStyle".
-Buff/Debuff icons.
-Buff/Defuff information panel.
-New target and npc infos.
-Main" Windows can't be located outside of the screen bounds (should prevent them to disappear out of reach).
-All around nicer look, and debug information has been removed.
-Item qualities, will increase/decrease stats by it.
-Item durability, will increase/decrease stats by it (keep your gear repaired).
-Item repairing, depending of your skills, items will lose max durability and quality levels eventually.
-Items will take damage, and so every item will get destroyed in the end, keeping also economy fresh someday.
-Item crafting quality, skills are effectting to it. Crafted item is always minimum of decent quality.
-Hit indicators are now showing for a second.
-Windows snapping is now more accurate.
-Skills are divided to Theory and Practice skills. (Theory will be learned by time and practice by using).
-Skill effect is combine of Theory and Practice part of it.
-Spell mastery will increase by using them.
-Sheeps will stay dead when they are killed (bastards didn't die, only got shored).
-Title bar now shows information about your character, like EXP, Stats, damage etc. and Theory skill training time.
-Client is now using more GPU instead of CPU.
-Some Monster LOS improvements.
-Added shortcut keys for most used windows.
-You can drag windows from anywhere of the form. (Not only from title/caption bar).
-You can close windows by right clicking on it.
-Fixed wrong attributes for some item types.
-Cleaned iteminfo panels.
-Refreshing an inventory after moving the inventory window.
-Deselect target by right clicking your character.
-Server side crash fixes and omptimizations.
-Login is again slightly faster.
-Web links on a main menu will be opened with your default browser now.
-Changed font in a hurry since to end of support of the previous one. Current: Book Antiqua.
-Completed the database code to use the FireDac.
-Improvements to the updater, it now shows version info, also download and updating progress.
-Some minor fixes and improvements I don't remember.

Discord chat

You can join the test team or just come and chat at Discord


Detailed features:

-Character creation
Pick a name and weapon skil and distribute points in different attributes.
Progression in Hadelmia is totally classless

-Character visual look
Look of your character will determined by the gear you are wearing.

Public and private chat, shows online players too.

-Melee combat
Choose your weapon from many different options, take it to the battle and use it with several techniques (much more to come).

-Ranged combat
Variety of ranged weapons and techniques.

Spell system skeleton is done and few basic spells added, spells are divided to several skill based categories.

Monsters and chests has a zone bsed loot, sometimes good and sometimes not.

Still very basic. Quantitites and skills are determinating prices. Degrading items makes sure that crafted and looted items are always needed.

-Skill progression and learning
Total skill factor is combination of practice and theory progress of your skill, practice will gain by using the skill and theory in time.

When you gain any experience, you also gain the skillpool points, which you can apply to any skill you have learned.

-Items skill requirements
You need a certain theory level of skills to use items.

Variety of Monsters with A.I.

-Town guards
Guards with simple A.I.

-Random dungeon generator
Regenerates dungeons in every server boot.

-Zone based monster spawning
Spawns monsters randomly into zones by level of zone.

-House building
Build house blocks with a carpentry skills, and place them on the suitable land.

-Magical items
Items you find or craft can be magical, you need to identify them with an identify scroll.

-Item quality and condition system
Equips has a quality and condition, effecting to item stats like damage and armor rating. This means that every item you find is unique and possible upgrade to you gear.

-Stash(bank vault)
30 slot stash.

-Character perks
You can streghthen your character with a perks.

-Living world A.I. (alpha)
L.W.A.I. generates random events like monster camps, making every playing experience unique. Future versions will bring things like caravans, monster raids and progressing relations between factions.


Brew potions.

-Animal taming
Tame an animal to fight on your side or just to hang around with you.

Craft metal based items like weapons and armors.

Craft variety of items like house block, weapons and other wooden things.

Cook items you find or grow.

Grow some crops.

Fish variety of fishes or even treasures with your favourite fishing pole.

Tame a sheep for in example, pen it and wait it to grow some wool what you can shear.

Scribe scrolls and books.

Craft leather based armors and items.

Wield a lumber axe and chop a tree to get logs.

Wield a pick axe and hit any stone to get ores.

Skin the animals and monsters to get hides and leather.

Smelt the ores to get bars and minerals.

Can make clothes.

-Professions in development
Enchanting, Fletching, Geology, Herbalism, Hermeticism, Lockpicking, Masonry, Musicianship, Stealing, Tanning and Tinkering.

Other notable things:

-There is no Pay to Win features, and never will be!


-Ravenis - Hadelmia developer

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0.4 alpha RC1.6


Latest changelog:

-Changed login screen focus on password field when username is remembered.
-Fixed character freeze bug when talking to random quest npc.
-Fixed blinking and overlapping quest windows.
-Fixed quests wrong descriptions, speak text and progress texts.
-Fixed many exploits on quest returning.
-Fixed quests going totally messed up in database.
-Made fields and support for 15 different types of quests for a future use.
-Fixed quest system generally.
-Overhauled quest system basically.
-Added an option to dock/undock windows to main window when moving it.
-Added a feature to delete a character.
-Lot of improvements to account database structure.
-New quest database design and client side code.
-Database fields for logging account's failed logins, ip's and exact times of them.
-Enabled ciphering between clients and the server.
-Added an option to enable and disable FPS and Latency indicators (these are on stats window).
-Overhauled character slot system, more reliable, and fluid.
-Client now loads all maps from the server.
-Some particle effects for couple of spells.
-Character creation system remake.
-Fixed disappearing loot after killing a monster.
-Added few graphic indicators when hitting, missing, critting etc.
-Much clearer systray icon, also now it actually deletes itself quite often.
-Fixed bug when player got stuck until to next server restart when logging out in a dungeon.
-Fixed wrong global cooldown.
-Fixed spell cooldown indicators.
-Added training time bar under life, mana and stamina bars.
-Fixed boss spawning.
-Fixed bounty quest generation database saving.
-Fixed case when only 1 gold was shown in a loot, instead of a stack.
-Fixed wrong light level after you die in dungeon.
-Added Wrestling skill that increases your dodge chance by 2% per level.
-Remade other player characters memory handling (takes much less memory now).
-Fixed blinking mob names in combat.
-More lights!
-More LOS tuning.
-Tons of little fixes and adjustments.
-Font changes, generally switched to Georgia (Testing around).
-Added skill progress bar also on main window.

As in summary, now would be the time to test server under more stress, so everyone is welcome to join the testing. Just join the Discord chat at Discord.gg and give me a shout :)

-Ravenis, Hadelmia Developer

0.4 alpha RC1

0.4 alpha RC1


This is RC1 release, and is very near of the Alpha release.

Last Pre-Alpha release

Last Pre-Alpha release


This is a last pre-alpha release before actual alpha v4.0. Also i telling about incoming features.

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Hadelmia Installer

Hadelmia Installer

Full Version

0.4 RC1.8 New major update is now out, and requiring lot of testing. Please help me to find bugs, and other oddities.

Hadelmia Installer v0 4 RC1 71

Hadelmia Installer v0 4 RC1 71

Full Version

Latest client in MSI installer format. Includes lots of new graphics.

0.4 alpha RC1.6

0.4 alpha RC1.6

Full Version

Looking for active testers. Before an alpha release, would be important to get some kind of stress test on. Server seems to be quite stable, but also...



Full Version

This is 0.4 alpha Release candidate 1. It is very near of the actual alpha release and I decided to release it here to get more testers in the project.



Full Version

Latest version of the client, after this for updates use updater.exe

Hadelmia Client

Hadelmia Client

Full Version

Unpack this to some folder and run it. You can make an account by just typing login of your choosing. There is also updater included, what you can use...


Loads of updates :D! Keep it going Ravenis <3

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Looks promising!

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