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I guess I have a certain acquired taste for older games, MMORPGs come and go....some seem unkillable (Meridian 59) Other cant seem to live long enough (Warlords Awakening[Plus its other titles},Echo Of Souls....Ect). Hundreds of mmorpg projects out there right now, so many of them have a wealth of potential. So many gorgeous MMORPGs, Innovative, Itch-scratching!.....Single dev project. You just gotta keep rooting for your team. Im following a few project closely by being a part of their discord and reddit communities, and dozens more I check in on hoping for updates....hoping that developer is still going. Right now Im so invested in a project, Im actually making art assets for them.

I want to see them all succeed.

I ran into this search after finding a near perfect fit. Path Of Exile. Lovely game, dark atmosphere, limitless itemization and skill builds, fun game world, and perfect free to play model-cosmetics only. As Path of Exile grew, my PC specs remained the same, Ive been pushed out of the game. This led me to define how I look at games, is it fun?

Am I having a good time?

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Sole developer behind Rinnughar, made using the Intersect Engine from 2020-2022. Restarted development end of 2022 inside 001 Game Creator engine.

Volrtaw Creator

Give GuildsOfGods.com a try. 2d Broswer MMORPG with constant updates :), tastes like runescape.

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