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EONS is a free fantasy-adventure based MMORPG!

Shape your destiny as a Crusader, Magus or Rogue in the mythical realm of Aeeria. Play in real-time with your friends and take on challenging raids, battles and tournaments, embark on heroic quests and adventures, test your metal against other players or train followers and pets!

Craft your way from zero to hero as you gain levels and grow strong!

With a massive game-world to explore, monsters and bosses galore, areas and equipment from level 0 to 1000, will you be the strongest?

At level 20 or higher, you can best the class trials, if you succeed you can upgrade your class to a more powerful form!

Every hour, a boss encounter event starts that everyone is encouraged to take part in, valuable rewards await those that defeat all 20 waves!

Every 200 levels your character gains, they gain a rebirth - this means that their level will reset back to 0 and keep all of their stats.

Through the rebirth system, players can reach levels up to a current maxium of reborn 15 (level 3000).

We have an expansive list of follower type npc's that can assist you in battle, heal your wounds and even pick up your drops for you!

As your follower levels up, it gains damage and ability points that it uses to heal you and cast powerful damage spells on incoming enemies.

Find a weapon that cast spells while you attack, ranged weapons that can hit targets at a distance and spells to summon your party or partner!

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Captain's log: Stardate 30-01-2018
Posted by: NEXFER

We've been hard at work this update, releasing over 200 new items into the game, we have addressed a gap in equipment between rebirth 1 - 5.
We've also added in an extensive donation rewards NPC, this will provide supporters of our server and community, with some well deserved goodies!
Further, this update sees the expansion of Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting, extending the loot tables from level 50, all the way to 200!
We've added a new hangout / boss room where players can socialise, there is a chance to drop all pets, bags, cash and even some VIP Golden Piggies!
The rebirth cap has been increased to reborn 15 (level 3000), for those dedicated few whom reach those high peaks... happy leveling!
An incredibly tough follower has been released - Jeeves! He can drop from Hellion @ 0.1%, otherwise, he can be obtained via the VIP NPC.

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Full Version

We've been hard at work this client, releasing over 200 new items into the game, we have addressed a gap in equipment between rebirth 1 - 5.


Game server not running. Game is dead.

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Back online now, sorry for the downtime!

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