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Save humanity from imminent destruction! Set in the vastness of space, Grimmstar has you traveling from solar system to solar system to collect resources, weaken the enemy, and discover hidden technologies as an epic story unfolds before you. ------ Features: 6DOF Flight - Grimmstar takes a flight model more appropriate for space. You will have six degrees of freedom, meaning you can move and rotate in any direction with your ship. Modular Ships - The main fighter ship is based on a completely modular system with each part effecting the ship's performance. This allows you to build a ship perfectly tuned to your play style. Survival - You will need to keep track of your fleet and manage their output so that humanity can stay alive. Research upgrades to your fleets defenses, offensive capabilities, and other outputs to increase your chances. Open Worlds - As you traverse through different solar systems, you will be able to freely warp to any location within the solar system

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A new ship has been added to the Grimmstar universe!

Everyone, welcome to the the new Repair n' Refuel ship! It's come to be known as the RnR or "Runner" by those in familiar with the Outer Ring Mining Corporation. There's plenty of danger in space. Should anyone need any repairs or a quick top up, you'll likely be calling for a RnR. It carries a lot of fuel on hand and can refuel multiple ships. At the same time, its mechanical arm can also be used to repair broken electronics and weld metal panels back in to the place. On top of all of that, it can also be used to cut and collect salvage from derelict craft.

There will be a plethora of gameplay mechanics involving the RnR, so it was pivotal we gave it the proper spotlight that it deserves. You'll want to become very familiar with the ship, as you'll be using them throughout your journeys inside Grimmstar. Just remember, those large fuel tanks are pretty volatile. If something bad happens, you could be in for quite the show... one in which you'd rather not be invited to unless viewed from the nose bleeds.

We will continue to add more and more ships to the Grimmstar universe to help fill out necessary roles and bring the universe to life, so keep and eye out for more to come soon!

RnR 03

RnR 02

RnR 05

RnR 01

RnR 04

New Stations, New Ships, New Content

New Stations, New Ships, New Content

News 2 comments

From larger-than-life space stations, to submarine-sized repair and refuel tankers, to a whole new player ship, Grimmstar has been undergoing a number...

July Update - New Effects, New Mechanics, and More

July Update - New Effects, New Mechanics, and More

News 1 comment

We took a bit longer than planned to give another update on the progress of Grimmstar, but there's so much to show now! We've made enormous strides towards...

April 2020 Development Update

April 2020 Development Update


It's a great time to get some work done at home! There has been some really significant progress being made on Grimmstar with new mechanics, missions...

Grimmstar Announcement

Grimmstar Announcement

News 6 comments

Grimmstar is an action-packed space fighter and fleet management hybrid from AstroNaughty Games that puts you in the pilot’s seat to help save humanity...

kev11106 - - 93 comments

1st person cockpit?

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Grimmstar Creator
Grimmstar - - 4 comments

We do have an option for that, yes. It's pretty bare bones at the moment. We'll be working on it once other mechanics are in good order.

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LunarShuriken - - 1,292 comments

Looks excellent!

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