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Travel to hell in this Philippine horrors, history and literature fuse with Greek stories like Dante's Inferno story.

Good-Knight is a Butt-clenching One-Button Arcade Metal Game influenced by games like Super-Hexagon, Castlevania and Touhou.

It's almost genre-less as it fuses genres like Shooters Rhythm Puzzle Bullet-Hell.

"Philippines' Best Desktop and Console Game." - GDAP GameOn 2019 Awards

"Philippines' Most Innovative Game." - GDAP GameOn 2019 Awards

"Best Indie Game of ESGS 2019." - GG Network, 2019

"[one of] Our Top 5 Indie Games." - Reimaru Files

"This game made me speechless." - BREGZ

"The most popular indie game in ESGS 2018 so far" - Da Geek

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We're a team in Philippines. The game is based on Philippine horrors, mythologies, history, and literature.

In our countries' history we have been colonized by spaniards, in this game you are a Spanish Knight descending down Philippines' hell hoping to bring back someone he loves.

Its as intense as Super Hexagon and Touhou but its unique enough that its mashed so many arcade genres (heck even rhythm), it gave writers have a hard time giving it only one genre.
One thing's for sure everyone agrees that this game is butt-clenching! XD
Its quite popular in events here in Philippines. I hope youre interested to stream, create content, write article, or even just try it out and see why they call it butt-clenching.

You can get the early access for free at: good-knight.itch.io/good-knight

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Good Knight .24g - First Public Early Access

Good Knight .24g - First Public Early Access


Donate if you are interested. This is the first early access we also submitted at itch.

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