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"When you die, you normally have only one simple wish - to return and tell them - "Hey, guys - it's OK! No need to feel sad! Cause you know what? It's actually OK on both sides, really." But returning is not easy - the only way would be dreams - "half-dreams" - "ghost-dreams". The problematic part is if you get stuck - you turn into a demon. Hard to say what exactly it is, but we presume it's a painful and useless existence. Better to avoid doing this, really.

My personal "problematic part" is that I am already stuck here. No idea how I'll get out this time..."

Reader In Between

On his journey to the "Other Side" Reader (and his "natural companion" Writer) meets various Ghosts and Demons, Holy Spirits and Gods. He also meets Singer, who is neither Ghost, nor Demon. At some point she becomes important to Reader. Realizing this won't stop him though.

The world of Ghostdream should be scary, but it is not - it is just dark. The story should be sad since all the characters are more or less dead, but it is not, because they normally remember nothing, except some minor detail or two (for example the protagonist remembers himself reading a book - this is why they call him Reader. It is his only memory after all).

Ghostdream is a retro-style Point and Click Adventure game with puzzles, exploration and story.


  • 55+ entirely animated locations (rooms)
  • 14+ characters
  • 7 Major Puzzles (more or less Myst style: no items required, exploration of the whole accessible area is a must) + standard adventure actions (like get here, talk there, press this, press that...)
  • 16 000+ words story
  • 20 songs OST
  • It’s hard to calculate how long an adventure game can last, but I believe it will take about 10 hours to beat Ghostdream for the first time.
  • PC Windows exclusively.
  • 60 pages art book

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Ghostdream Released


Cover Atr Logo ver 2 33small 2

My point and click adventure game Ghostdream is finished and released. You can get it on Steam here:


And also it is available on Humble Bundle here:


No other news for now, except I'm already working on my next game and hopefully I'll add it to Indie DB soon.

Best Regards,


Ghostdream In Progress Part 2

Ghostdream In Progress Part 2


Once again I'm talking about my point and click adventure game Ghostdream, briefly describing the whole process of making it.

Ghostdream In Progress

Ghostdream In Progress

News 2 comments

I talk about my point and click adventure game Ghostdream, briefly describing the whole process of making it.

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Ghostdream Demo 02

Ghostdream Demo 02


Second Demo of Ghostdream in its nearly final state. It lacks acting and few sound effects at the moment, but I'm working on that too.

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