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In the not-so-distant future, ghosts and demons are no longer just a frightening unknown. They are a real threat that humanity has encountered…

“We are receiving more and more reports about the appearance of various ghostly entities all over the country. People say that these beings are extremely aggressive, and there is evidence of lethal outcomes among civilians…

The government asks anybody who has any experience in occult sciences to provide help to the military”

Alone or with a team…

Face the ghost by yourself or with the help of your friends - it’s for you to decide! In the up to 4-player cooperative mode, everyone will find a job that suits them: installing equipment, drawing protective seals, completing additional tasks, and photographing evidence to increase the reward.

Be gone the spirit of all uncleanliness…

Your main task is to exile an otherworldly entity, but before that, you will have to determine what kind of evil you are facing. You need to determine the type of ghost or demon using various equipment, and then exile it once and for all!

  • Equip yourself properly… there are 25+ types of primary and secondary equipment for determining the type of the ghost and its further exile
  • Free this place… there are 12 locations in which you will face the unknown
  • Touch the supernatural… Interact with the ghost using your voice, thanks to our voice recognition system. Multi-language support
  • No microphone? It doesn't matter! Interact with the ghost using a command system

Go away…

The entity will leave hints that you are not welcomed here. Be ready for many different types of jumpscares, the frequency of which depends on the level of anger and the type of ghost.

This is not enough…

Diversify and complicate your gaming experience using additional content. There are a few ways to increase difficulty for those who like a more challenging experience, and of course, the reward will be appropriate.

Not like the others…

Our character editor will allow you to customize your character and make him truly unique!

Prepared for anything…

Every ghost is unique in its own way. Study various entities to learn to identify them and be prepared for anything.

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Light ModeThe first changes that worried us were the lighting mode in the dark, some players asked us to return the lighting back, of course we won't return anything back, but we tried to make it optional. We have added a new setting (Lighting Mode), it has 3 modes (Darker , Lighter, Vision Problem), each of them changes the lighting in its own way.

Darker ( Brightness - 1.5 )

Lighter ( Brightness - 1.5 )

Vision Problem ( Brightness - 1.5 )

Do not forget that the brightness setting also plays a role, so when choosing the lighting mode, also adjust the brightness to your liking

Evidence viewerThis system caused a lot of complaints, so we worked on it, corrected some inaccuracies because of which sometimes the system did not count the evidence. And also simplified the model of calculating the definition, which will also eliminate failures in it.

Ghost ResearchWe have been thinking about this problem for a long time and also identified some problems that can cause negativity during the game. We have added 2 new buttons to the book that will slightly smooth out the corners of the dissatisfied.

1 - Share records ( now you can share the open ghosts in your diary with the whole team , so if you played without friends or just want to share your records with someone by clicking on this button , you will send the records to everyone who is with you in the match )

2 - Exclude impossible evidence (By clicking on the (Exclude incorrect evidence) button, the book will tell you what you need to check to get 3 proof, remember that the button is unlocked when you enter 2 correct evidence.


Other changes:

  • Fixed with favorite things that didn't sync if the player isn't the host.
  • In Insane mode, you can't drop a lamp in the ventilation
  • In Insane mode on the school map in the ventilation, the consumption of sanity is reduced by 35%
  • On difficulty (higher Experienced), the intensity of opening portals is reduced, as well as the strength of closing the portal is increased
News from development (Terrifying)

News from development (Terrifying)


Hello hunters, we decided to share with you part of the progress the second part of the update (Terrifying)!

W.I.P. Equipment for hunting demons and ghosts. Co-op horror Ghost Exile

W.I.P. Equipment for hunting demons and ghosts. Co-op horror Ghost Exile


Equipment for hunting demons and ghosts. Co-op horror Ghost Exile.

A deal with the otherworldly

A deal with the otherworldly


The main emphasis in Ghost Exile is on the exile ritual.

Supernatural, is that you? Sam, what have you done?!

Supernatural, is that you? Sam, what have you done?!


Both yes and no. Yes, we are indeed ghost and demon hunters, and the 1967 Chevrolet Impala is our faithful assistant in our war against evil.

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