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Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox. It asks one simple question – how will you die? Whether surviving in Knox County free-roam or controlling Indie Stone mascot Baldspot in his quest to save his injured wife Kate – death is always a certainty. Quite how long you manage to put it off is another matter…

Its not just Zombies that will kill but the environment. You can build and fortify to keep the horde at bay or always be on the move. Fight the cold during winter. Farm to spend less time making risky supply runs. Make to much noise with firearms and zombies will be attracted to your location, forming groups organically making it difficult to fight them off or pass by unnoticed. Over exert yourself and you might not be able to make a run for it when it counts. Depression, starvation, loneliness, illness, insanity, a lethal bite...

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The town of Riverside and the countryside around it was added to the IWBUMS public beta Build 38 last Thursday in 38.8, and we’re getting plenty of positive reports from the testers exploring its separated rich/poor districts, the Scenic Grove trailer park, the stone angels of its graveyards and the delights of the Knox Heights Country Club.

We’ve also added a lootable map, and have been adding foraging zoning etc to it since release. Here’s a section of it, but there’s plenty more besides.

We’ll be adding the map to the vehicles build imminently, tomorrow hopefully, which will probably help you in your exploration as it’s been constructed to favour drivers a little more than previous map expansions. Initial reports suggest people are digging the different building styles, and there’s still some more to come from Mash in terms of extra buildings and detail. It sounds like zombie numbers need to be topped up a little, though, so if the Country Club tennis courts feel like they need a bit more action then please let us know.


Last Wednesday we ran the IWBUMS Megatest II to try out Bitbaboon Steve’s new effort in the War Against Zombie Lag – and we’re very pleased to report a resounding success.

We opened up the server toward the end of the test and had 141 people playing off/on over the hour, and 87 at its peak – and the usual peril of ghosting zombies, unfair bites and general combat sludginess was hugely improved. Even better, things didn’t seem to degrade the more players got online.

If this summary from Svarog is anything to go by, life for our MP players should be vastly improved when 38 is released: “I’ve gotta say that it’s incredible how much better it is when it comes to zombies. There is almost no lag, combat is much, much more pleasant. I can even use knives as weapons. Awesome job.”

Our thanks to Steve for his eagle eyes and code skills – and also for his ongoing work as there’s still room for improvement. During the test he set up various headache testcases with groups of helpful players, and there’s still plenty of areas he feels he can ratchet MP performance tighter, before moving on to general PZ optimization to aid and abet both vehicles and the animation system that his colleague Mark is helping out with. Hurrah then!


Current focus is to tidy up Build 38 and get it out of the door – with IWBUMS 38.9 fairly imminent with Riverside forage zoning, new spawnpoints, Yuri’s recent gamepad work and some work on legacy bugs from Connall.

[Incidentally Connall is now taking ownership of much of the ‘Small but Important Suggestions thread‘ so if there’s any minor thing that you think could make life that little bit more fun or realistic in the game then feel free to holler at him there. From 38.9 if you’re sleeping outside then rain will wake you up, for instance.]

Yuri, meanwhile, continues his work on the public vehicles test – and is currently adding brake lights, and a change in appearance of the physical headlights to accompany the light beams we already have in the game. He’ll most likely be turning to co-op issues later in the week, while we’ll also be internally testing his engine optimizations when they’re integrated into Build 38 so that we can pave the way for the release of the first iteration of vehicles in Build 39.

A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless Mondoids for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.

Sept 4


The public Build 38 release is feeling increasingly imminent – although there are still a few fixes to the new roof rendering and player view system that are still in the oven. Today we released IWBUMS public beta 38.11 that focuses on transferred optimizations from the vehicles build – so improved garbage collection, optimized lighting, memory leaks plugged and improved map loading.

There's also a VoiceManager fix gone in, spotted by BitBaboon Steve and remedied by General Arcade, that should provide an FPS improvement in SP – especially on lower spec systems. So if you see/feel/sense any improvements then please let us know.

The build also does various soon-to-launch jobs like updating community translations, alongside several of Connall's Community Suggested tweaks: first aid kits now spawning with sterilized bandages, suture needles being able to be used for sewing like regular needles and the ability to sterilize bandages in boiling water. He's also made aspects of tea preparation and drinking less frightful through the addition of a new recipe. Full changelist here.


This week Yuri is moving onto commonly reported MP issues in the public vehicles beta in preparation for the wider testing audience when Build 39 goes into IWBUMS. As such stuff like vehicles disappearing on exit, precious loot removing itself from the boot (trunk if you're American) and similar will all come beneath his steely glare.

He's also, finally hopefully, zapped the ‘trapped in walking animation' bug that's been vexing our car testers for several builds now – with a fix due in Vehicle Build 19.

Vehicle Build 18, meanwhile, came out last Friday – and came with the much requested addition of making sure that the number of players that can fit inside each car model is accurate to the number of seats, and hopefully a fix to the strange lights on/off syncing issue that MP players have been reported. It also came with actual visible headlights appearing on vehicles (rather than just having the beams) and red brake lights to boot.

It brings a surprising amount to the vehicles when it's all seen in-game, as you can hopefully see in this video. [Although Yuri's coding music is a little… mellow (?) for our taste.]

We've also updated the Vehicles Build with the latest IWBUMS, so testers can explore the new town of Riverside and the Knox Heights Country Club in relative leisure – as seen below.


Once Build 38 releases the current plans are for Build 39 to be a relatively quickfire release, essentially getting the existing experimental vehicles out to the public in as bug-free a state as possible – albeit on the current selection toggle. We anticipate improving on their current zoning/spawning alongside aspects of their optimization, but the meat of their maintenance will come in the following build.

We're currently firming up the design docs – but the current plan is for vehicle damage, repair and car wreck player injuries to be a focus in Build 40, and then to turn to player-crafted improvements and realistic ‘apocalypse survival' modifications in later versions.

As we've mentioned before, maintaining your cars will work in much the same way as our current medical system – covering stuff like dead batteries, burst tires and the more common engine issues as well as structural damage. Don't expect My Summer Car levels of vehicular knowledge requirements [although we certainly hope the modding crowd will think towards this] but do expect the Mechanic profession to be a fun/useful one to have.

Elsewhere Turbo is making good progress with his Devices overhaul (this week reworking radios so it's easier to find and tune into different player wavelengths), Bitbaboon Mark is fixing up the new skinned renderer in the now integrated model loader in the anims build and his colleague Steve is marking up various targets for optimization to ensure that vehicles run as swimmingly as possible when they're released. Oh, and Mash is adding more detail to the wilderness areas around Riverside for those who venture into the back of beyond.

Status and Build History

February 5, 2017

“Greetings survivor! I'm Spiffo the Community Raccoon!”
“If you want to know the what's in the upcoming build of Project Zomboid, or look back into the past, you've come to the right place!”

Please note: only bigger changes are listed here, for full build-by-build version changelists please visit the forums.

For details on public IWBUMS beta testing please go here.

Future Builds:

Not currently in public testing:

  • New animation and combat system.
  • Visible backpacks.
  • New firearms and melee weapons
  • Blood spatter now accumulates on zombies, players and even weapons. Character blood from wounds will be able to spread, and give the player a visual cue that they are bleeding. Visible bandages.
  • Identifiable clothing and uniforms on players and zombies.

  • Character entertainment/boredom system improved – with in-game CDs and VHS tapes to listen to, and record.

In Public Testing:

  • Vehicles with full in-game physics. Join in the test fun through instructions you’ll find here!

Released Builds:

BUILD 37 – APRIL 2017

  • Lootable Map Items. Maps of urban locations within the Knox Event Exclusion Zone can be found in relevant towns, in particular spawning in gas stations. Current maps you can find cover Muldraugh, West Point, Rosewood and March Ridge.
  • Using the new map UI you can zoom with the mouse wheel, add your own notes and a bunch of provided symbols in four different colours – if you have the relevant coloured pens. Annotated maps can be shared with friends and faction members in MP. Vid here.
  • In SP you also run a chance of discovering pre-annotated maps that’ve been marked up by deceased fellow survivors. These are mainly found on zombies and can lead you to stashes of weapons, tools and general places of interest. Loot at these locations could be hidden in cupboards, crates, bags left on the floor or even hidden under the floorboards.
  • You now have access to a new oven/microwave settings UI upon which you can change the temperature, and use the timer dial. Ovens will ‘ding’ when the time is up, microwaves will turn off. Metal in microwaves can cause fire. Some food will become less edible when microwaved, increasing character sadness. Eating food hot/cold will have relevant impact on character happiness/sadness.


  • Survivor Trading UI. The initial MP iteration of a trading system that will later be expanded on in SP modes. Players can drag and drop items from their main inventory, and faction-owned surroundings, so they can barter with other players, make offers and finalise deals.
  • PZ builds now show changelogs on initial boot-up of new builds so survivors don’t have to hunt through Steam or the forums to find out what has changed.
  • Player can now move two-tile furniture like signs and paintings around, and also (with the correct tools) deconstruct larger objects into several smaller kit parts that can later be reconstructed. Movable item icons also improved in the UI to make system clearer.
  • MP Admin improvements.‘Connected Players’ UI window and associated options. Item Editor options for special server events.
  • Small stuff: Electrician starts with radio recipes. New tooltips. Recipes now overwritable to make life easier for modders. ‘Invite Friends UI’ made prettier and more user-friendly. Expanded respawn/forage zones. Trapping nutrition adjusted.



  • Visit the new towns of Rosewood and March Ridge, the farmland in-between and the vast Rosewood prison complex.
  • New buildings include court house, fire station, shopping areas, new police station, community centre, residential areas and military apartment buildings.
  • New profession-based player spawn locations in and around the town of Rosewood
  • New map tiles, furniture, decoration and building styles


  • Lets you talk directly to your co-op friends, and survivors you meet on MP servers.
  • Player voices can be heard when in ‘audible’ distance from other characters on the map.
  • VOIP available in ‘Press to Talk’, ‘Voice Activated’ and ‘Listen Only’ flavours, and accessed in the Options menu.


  • Metalwork crafting – weld metal sheets to create metal barricades, or put bars in windows
  • Metalwork profession and skills.
  • Multiple stage building to combine metalwork and carpentry skills.
  • Building now utilises items from inside bags carried by survivor.
  • Objects on the map can now be deconstructed to obtain materials if player has correct tools and skills.


  • Safehouse UI to claim buildings, change ownership and see connected players
  • Formable factions, with a visible four character tag above survivors – should they choose to show it.
  • Melee PvP disabled between faction-members


  • ‘Tree noise’ to automatically improve/randomise wilderness areas of the map.
  • Big trees in forested areas.


  • Community Translations of Radio/TV narrative content in French, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.
  • Radio/TV content and timelines now operate in-line with narrative tool WordZed, which has been released to the community.


  • Realistic nutritional values that see your character impacted by what he/she eats and their physical activity.
  • Visible nutritional information on food items with labels
  • Added associated professions and traits


  • Hugely improved player activity log system
  • Admin panel to goven players, safehouses etc
  • TransactionID savescumming prevention update
  • Warning point system
  • Admin abilities to check/modify player stats: add/remove XP, change displayed name, heal etc
  • Server access level ranks for admin staff
  • Ability for admin to easily create non-PvP zones on the map
  • Player names decoupled from usernames


  • Zombies more attracted to house lighting at night.
  • Night Events. Zombie activity can result in safehouse incursions should it be left unsecured while sleeping.
  • Alarm clocks and watch alarms are now used to wake up survivors. Tired survivors might wake up late without them.
  • Character will struggle to sleep when in pain, so should take painkillers or sleeping pills.
  • Anxious characters might wake up early, or even in the middle of the night.
  • Quality of sleep now impacted by where player chooses to rest


  • Composting – rotting food can be placed in a crafted composter to create crop fertilizer
  • ‘Container’ items weight reduces the more they are used (water bottles, gas cans etc.) and can be combined.
  • Pots and bowls fill with water in rain
  • Zombies can tear down sheet ropes.
  • Wet items dry over time.
  • More realistic tea and coffee making (!)
  • Paint all interior walls and wooden furniture
  • First aid equipment automatically used by First Aid panel
  • Smoker trait
  • Various other things
  • Selected loot container now highlighted


  • ‘Transfer All’ button when looting
  • New tutorials and updated tooltips
  • Ability to ‘favourite’ items to highlight them and prevent them from being dropped
  • ‘Windows Explorer’ Inventory improvements. Shift selects a sequence of items, Ctrl lets you selected different individual items.

Build 34.23 – May 2016

  • Easy to host and join online co-op integrated after great technical work by the guys at General Arcade.
  • Sleeping in co-op and MP, plus new server settings editor.
  • Updates to: barricading, stoves/campfires, crate movement and smoke bombs.
  • Bags now displayed on ground
  • Double-sized textures for every sprite in-game and new player models, making the game clearer and more distinct.
  • Ham icon looks less like penis.

Build 34 – Feb 2016

  • Food revamp, freezers and initial test of nutrition system.
  • New C++ line-of-sight and lighting system to improve performance, especially in areas such as the Mall. Lighting updates are no longer interrupted whenever a ‘map chunk’ is loaded, less ‘black fog’ and more uniform room lighting.

Build 33 – Nov 2015

  • Full FMOD sound system integrated – allowing for full 3D sound, ambient noises, circling helicopter etc.
  • Randomized building states while exploring; featuring barricaded houses, survivor corpses, burnt out homes, zombies boarded up into safehouses, profession houses etc.
  • New starting scenarios allowing different entry points along the PZ timeline – Initial Infection, The First Week, Six Months Later and Survival. Revamped difficulty ‘character starter’ settings for each.
  • Herbalist trait, medicinal herbs, poultices and countryside cures – also revamped poisonous berries/mushrooms.
  • Movable furniture – player can pick up items around the map for decorative and survival use in their own safehouse.
  • Full radio and TV broadcasting system – providing narrative content during the full breakdown of society over 11 different channels/wavelengths.7046 lines of content overall.
  • Broadcast gradually scrambles visible words the further you go from a television set or radio, or outside the house. Zombies attracted to volume of radios and TVs.
  • MP player to player communication on different frequencies using both HAM radios and walkie-talkies. Different radios of varying power and frequencies.

Build 32.20 – Aug 2015

  • Steam Workshop integrated into PZ’s java framework to allow the current proliferation of user mods.
  • Steam servers integrated into MP by our friends at General Arcade and EasyPickins, to allow for more admin control and less cheating. Clients can connect to PZ servers using their Steam accounts, let server admins ban players by Steam ID and allow Steam avatars and profiles pop-up in the ‘players’ list in-game. Dedicated server package made available on Steam.
  • New Crafting UI and Guide showing all the recipes your character knows. System also can see and use everything in your own inventory and what’s in arm’s reach of your character.
  • New music by the awesome Zach Beever
  • Fire extinguishing.
  • Health panel overhaul.
  • ‘You have one day’ challenge on original 0.1.4 map
  • Watermelons no longer fatal

Build 32 – May 2015

  • Zombie respawn and migration; zombies are no longer static and dependent on on player proximity. They roam around the map and build up over time. Zombies should not appear in closed off areas that are unreachable from the edge of the map.
  • Generators added for use once power network fails. Consume fuel, electrify homes, noisy and will slowly poison player if used indoors.
  • Electrician and Engineer professions brought into game.
  • Molotovs, explosives, smokebomb and noisemaker can be crafted. Those with relevant skills can attach timers, motion-sensors and remote triggers.
  • Playable Spiffo-led tutorial finally put into game. Edible dead mouse and ‘press E to cure infection’ become canon.
  • Opening Hours and Winter is Coming challenges added.
  • Many new items added to flesh out the world: perfume bottle, dog leash, crayons, comic book, pinecones, washing-up liquid, mop, alarm-clock etc.
  • Blindcoder’s random character mod added to game

Build 31 – March 2015

  • New Professions System. Professions can provide supplementary skill points, which directly tie into the learning speed of relevant skills as well as starting skill levels. Further diversifies character creation, and to make professions feel like a character’s pre-zombies life has genuine impact on their survival experience.
  • Character trait rewrite. Profession only speeds up levelling in relevant skills due to a range of traits that act as Hobbies. Many new traits added, some cheesable ones removed.
  • Challenge modes improved and added – ‘A Really CD DA’ included in play options.
  • Keys, locks and padlocks added to game. Player carries keyring.
  • Ability to clean away blood.
  • Bitten player character turning into zombies after death reintegrated into game.

Build 30 – Dec 2014

  • New Health system featuring new injuries, treatments and crafting. Infections, burns, fractures, lodged bullets and glass shards all included. First Aid skill added to help you cope.
  • Erosion integrated into the game and substantially improved after TurboTuTone joining the team – showing seasonal change, weather effects, the reclamation of nature and post-apocalyptic decay. 11 types of tree with different seasonal variations, 11 types of bush, 17 types of plant, wall vines and cracks in walls.
  • Weather system tied to real world Kentucky patterns. (So around 12 days of snowfall a year).
  • ‘Zombie clumping’ improved. Instead of single zombies dotted about (though this will still happen to an extent) zombies are constantly be attracted to each other’s groans and movements. Player is much more likely to run into a pack of 5-6 zombies rather than see over 5-6 zombies dotted around a particular area.
  • Pickling of farmed produce. Improved growing times and ‘agricultural maintenance’ required for crops.
  • Endurance recoded to model general physical exertion over the course of a day, rather than an occasional arbitrary timer.
  • Sandbox presets added: Starting erosion, Character stat decrease, XP multiplier etc.
  • ‘Couch’ split-screen co-op returns to the game. Two or more players on the same screen, and better pad controls. Playable online.
  • Shaders replaced to make game appear more moody and atmospheric.

Build 29 – Oct 2014

  • New sounds. Ambient noises (screams, dogs, owls etc), new crafting noises (sawing, food-slicing etc), footsteps and many more.
  • Foraging skill coded in to allow for more wilderness survival. Berries, mushrooms, worms etc can be found in woodland areas alongside materials for…
  • New survivalist crafting recipes. Log walls, stone hammers etc.
  • Melee skills revamped. Blunt and blade given three sub skills – Guard, Maintenance and Accuracy.

Build 28 – Sept 2014

  • Semi-3D sound.
  • Ranged weapon overhaul. Range, critical chances, recoil delay and more specialist uses for pistol, shotgun and rifle. Physical timing and panic now taken into account. Aim skill added to game.
  • Weapon modifications. Scopes, slings, lasers, red dots, clips etc.
  • Zombie corpses can be burnt.
  • Zombie population management system introduced. If a zone is unseen for a few hours, then the next time a player sees the area will respawn some zombies and some loot inside the containers. Server owners can now setup a loot respawn, and dabble in zombie respawn management.
  • New crafting recipes: beds, bookcases, shelving etc.
  • Paintable signage and ability to paint signs on walls.

Build 27 – May 2014

  • Multiplayer and public server list released.
  • World filler sprites to make world feel less empty.
  • Animal trapping. Snares, cages, bird traps, mouse traps in-game that can be baited with food.
  • Mall and Movie Theater added to West Point.
    • New containers/bags added to game.
    • Ability to drag and move corpses.
    • Propane tanks
    • 3D models introduced for player and zombies.

Build 26 – March/April 2014

  • Fishing – fishing rods and crafted variants, fish populations in different bodies of water, seasonal fish varieties etc.
  • New cooking system. New recipes, hunger reduction, cooking procedure, cooking skills, impact of rotten ingredients and change in moodlets upon consumption.

Build 25 – Feb 2014

  • Multiplayer introduced into testing. Admin tools. Soft reset. Safety system.
  • Multi-threading improvements and light source revamp.
  • Custom maps support integrated into game.
  • Thunder and lightning
  • Weapon repair system
  • Increased difficulty and horde sizes
  • Improved gamepad support

Steam release – Nov 2013

  • West Point location added to game.
  • New items, recipes, animations and specific locational looting on map.
  • Lighting quality features.
  • Mouse zoom.
Build 33 Released!

Build 33 Released!

News 3 comments

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, zomboys and zombettes… build 33 is now open for general consumption!

IWBUMS 33 Released

IWBUMS 33 Released


New sound engine, Randomized buildings, New main menu for deeper difficulty settings and Radio/TV implemented.

Project Zomboid - Creative Mode

Project Zomboid - Creative Mode

News 11 comments

The Creative Revolution begins, A Sneak peek at upcoming build 33's new Creative Mode.

Blue Mondoid

Blue Mondoid

News 1 comment

Why a Blue Mondoid? Perhaps it’s because you’ll let out a cuss-word in surprise and delight at the treats in-store for you below? Maybe Zombies turn...

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Zomboid Map Tools - 32bit

Zomboid Map Tools - 32bit

Mapping Tool 9 comments

For Windows 32 bit. Goes without saying all credit for these tools goes to EasyPickins who has done some amazeballs stuff and all credit for tiles to...

Zomboid  Map Tools - 64bit

Zomboid Map Tools - 64bit

Mapping Tool

For Windows 64 bit. Goes without saying all credit for these tools goes to EasyPickins who has done some amazeballs stuff and all credit for tiles to...

Save Editor

Save Editor

Prefabs 14 comments

A very handy editor made by randomer679. This is just a little program he made to edit sandbox options mid-game. He wanted to be able to turn off zombies...

Project Zomboid 2.9.7 - Latest Build - Mac

Project Zomboid 2.9.7 - Latest Build - Mac

Patch 22 comments

Project Zomboid 2.9.7 - Latest Build - Mac - Project Zomboid 2.9.7 - Latest Build - Mac

Project Zomboid 2.9.7 - Latest Build - PC

Project Zomboid 2.9.7 - Latest Build - PC

Patch 74 comments

Project Zomboid 2.9.7 - Latest Build - PC - Zomboid build RC 2.5 version 7.

Project Zomboid Tech Demo 0.1.4c

Project Zomboid Tech Demo 0.1.4c

Demo 33 comments

A very early demo, so please be kind! Surviving isn’t just about blowing zombie’s heads off. Depression, starvation, trust issues, loneliness, illness...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 4,053)

I saw a lot of zombie games, but this one took me in for much longer than others! Thanks a lot!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

We had a lot of fun with Project Zomboid, here are some funny moments:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

this game is awelsome and fantastic survival zombie i like game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

is this game any good?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

It is probably the best zombie survival game out there. If the devs literally just stopped working on it today and left it as it is, you would still be able to have a massively enjoyable time with it. As is, it could be considered a complete game, by the icing on the cake is that it is not yet complete, and there will be more added in the future.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This is highly overrated. Especially considering the game is in development for like half a decade and still doesn't even have NPCs.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

This game has a nice style to it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I need to play this more and give it a fair chance.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I played this game when it first came out. It's gotten much better.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello can anyone please help me out, how to spawn items in Project Zomboid? I cant find the command line! Please help. Where is the command line? I tried all leters from the keyboard nothing seems to come up. And I tried typing on the CMD background behind the game, nothing's happening. Oh please oh please help me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

You know what you should do? Play the game as it was meant to be played.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Yeah but I'm scared to go out of my house. And I dont want to play at newbies difficulty. xD Nvm I already have my own personal spawn mod that I have created. I just loved all my items in one backpack.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
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This is one of those examples of how great indie alpha funding can be... Project Zomboid is a real work of love fueled by a great community and great interaction between developers and fans. Even if it's just in the earliest stages the colossal potential it has for modding alone makes this a game full of potential. As for the game itself it has great music, and awesome atmosphere... It's a great ride for all the nostalgic gamers that fondly remember isometric games. And the structure of this game…

Aug 28 2011 by Broax

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Nothing reveals what a year of lockdown has done to your fitness like the first lawn mowing of the year.

2hours ago by captainbinky

RT @miaharaguchi: garlic is to cooking as vanilla extract is to baking in that the amount i add to my food is guided by reckless extr… T.co

13hours ago by mashpotassium

Going to treat myself by going "outside" to nip to a "shop".

Apr 13 2021 by captainbinky

RT @tjalamont: This big fuzzbutt is a male Valley Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa varipunctata). Males are gold with green eyes, whereas f… T.co

Apr 12 2021 by mashpotassium

Since this stupid 'what is or isn't a game developer' thing is STILL going on (Jesus, Twitter) let me just add who… T.co

Apr 12 2021 by captainbinky

Oh look, another argument about testers not being classed as 'game developers'. Why does this happen? I shall expla… T.co

Apr 12 2021 by captainbinky

RT @theindiestone: New high score! Eternal thanks to absolutely anyone who has been streaming, making vids or generally just spreadin… T.co

Apr 11 2021 by captainbinky

New high score! Eternal thanks to absolutely anyone who has been streaming, making vids or generally just spreadin… T.co

Apr 11 2021 by theindiestone

Sadly Kyle got today's allocation of Bonus Spiffo Points, but this is still very much appreciated. T.co

Apr 11 2021 by theindiestone

Bonus Spiffo Points for Kyle here. T.co

Apr 11 2021 by theindiestone

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