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Shoot yourself through a powerful cannon and break into castles to steal their treasures! You play as a treasure thief, who seeks gold and precious gems.You have to accurately aim at castles, shoot yourself and burst right into them to steal their treasures, but be careful the castles are heavily guarded with robotic machinery of all king, so choose your weapon carefully…

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I'm very excited to share with you guys the game I'm currently working on.

So basically its a game where you have to shoot yourself through a cannon right into castles and steal their treasures, weird right ? Yes thats why I like the idea.The thing is you are not bursting with your bare hands, you have weapons, and also the castles are heavily guarded by robotic machinery, but thats no problem for our hero, if he can survive the cannon, robots are not a problem Grin

Currently I only have a rough prototype to show but I have big plans for it.For this game the number one priority is going to be 'fun-nes', I want to make the shooting and the movement feel as much satisfying and fun as it can be Wink

I'm also going to be making DevLog videos at the same time as here, on my YouTube channel here:
so drop me a sub if you would like to follow my DevLog Wink

So anyway you came here to see some cannon shooting and some carnage, not some plain text, so here it is, my first ever DevLog, please don't be too harsh on me, since this is the first time ever I recorded myself and uploaded it on YouTube Smiley

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