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I have 6 months experience in game development, i know its not a lot but i will tell you my opinion in the value of the polish.Firstly you've got to understand that marketing and promoting takes a long time if you want to do it in the right way, a bad example is me for my last game Space Mustache i finished the gameplay and i was hurrying to get it out on Kongregate which was a big mistake by me, i made a really bad looking menu, and a not attractive game icon:

First Icon

i didn't even make a video or screenshots i just released it, but the other day i changed the icon to:

Which in my opinion is far better than the first one, then i added some fancy screenshots and a video, but i was too late because i don't have a giant audience, the people who played the unpolished version were the only people interested in the game who saw my twitter post or found me on reddit, im sure they didn't like the visuals, it would've been different if they played the polished version first, the polish makes a giant difference, when you are scrolling on the app store the first game/app you go at is the one with the best and most attractive thumbnail or the one with the most attractive name so you've got to be very careful, and spend time on the polish because after the gameplay its the most important aspect of a game !

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hey, there bud, looks like we'll be working together then toward silverate! just stopping in to say hi

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I'm not sure, but probably a good idea to get some kind of agreement in writing. May want to register it to a lawyer - I don't know, never been in that situation, but you are right not to rely on someone's word.

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