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Feel the adrenaline as you control your unique tank in multiplayer arcade action! Build your ultimate war machine from over a million different combinations. Now, will you go for the rumbling caterpillar tracks or the crawling spider legs? Try it Free now on Steam.

A machine gun wielding, wall-climbing spider tank? Of course!

Gear Up Spider

Gear Up is an indie multiplayer game developed by a team of five. The game is about building your customized tank and battling online opponents in deathmatch, team deathmatch and conquest. Crawl the arena in devious spider legs, escape with your trusty jetpack or serve your opponents a healthy dose of proximity mines!

Play Gear Up now on Steam early access, we expect to release the full game on PC, Mac and Linux later in the summer of 2014. As a very small independent team we gladly involve you in the development process. Join the steam community and help us with your ideas on how to improve the game and make it even more fun! To get latest news and updates follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Master the art of propulsion – Will you go for the rumbling caterpillar tracks, swoop across the arena using wind turbines or let loose the smell of burning rubber with go-kart tires?
  • Adapt your arsenal of weaponry – Do you prefer the cold steel of the minigun or the heartwarming sensation of the flamethrower? Will you fall for the old world charm of a thundering bronze cannon or does the electric zapping of the tesla generator tickle your mind?
  • Wage war your way – Regardless if you deploy the body of a Russian submarine, blend into the background with stealth generators or love giving your opponents the dry taste of gunpowder with a barrage of missiles - the choice is yours to make.


  • Battle up to 16 players online
  • Play Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Conquest
  • Massive customization with over one million different combinations of parts
  • Arcade physics simulation
  • Leaderboards and achievements
  • Built on in-house game engine "Traktor"
  • Game Editor will be release

Try Gear Up Free on Steam early access!

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We're finally back with another update! The three main things to tell your neighbors about in this update are:

  • Deferred rendering improving the GPU performance.
  • Even more work on the net code.
  • Improved navigation in menus and more polished panels.

Here follows a long list of other changes that we've made:

  • Disabled lowpass and echo filters for audio.
  • Replicator now only sync time with primary peer.
  • Game scoring accumulation is only performed once every second.
  • Fix to state replication issues. Primary peer is now responsible for camp balance.
  • Fixed script crash when trying to award “Death to Deserter” achievement.
  • Optimized tank extrapolation method.
  • Disabling time synchronization after time variance has reached acceptable levels.
  • Time synchronization forced if drifted too far, continuous sync only in lobby.
  • Re-activated old extrapolation path – using explicit extrapolation instead of physics integration (should be cheaper on the CPU).
  • Able to set a lower max player limit.
  • A lot of optimizations in replicator and P2P, less memory allocations and reduced number of API calls.
  • P2P topology now only scans first and second order routes.
  • Fixed overlapping and misaligned issues in UI at half size.
  • Fixed missing minimap in SP, and centered it.
  • Fixed lobby user list UI glitches.
  • Partially hidden panels in the tank customizer now flashes to attract attention.
  • Various script optimizations.
  • Steam integration optimizations, no longer polling lobby users, instead update local list in callbacks.
  • Fixed a lot of shaders to use the proper output.
  • Fixed full garbage container collision.
  • Fixed arena monitor collision.
  • Added dead plants to Oasis.
  • Significantly slowed down the preview camera that's circling the map.
  • Removed hours from match time, showing only minutes and seconds.
  • Vintage Jets asset change.
  • Reduced size of cloud textures in skypsheres.
  • Added material to Vintage Jets hover.
  • Reduced sound gain on some engines.
  • Fixed flickering gokart textures.
  • New Gear Up coin icon. Now also hides coin icon when no part is selected in the part store.
  • Replaced XP with Rank on top of progression meter.
  • Now shows green symbol on owned parts in part store, and a red number to indicate sell price.
  • Changed the colors for difference when changing mass in the customizer. Lowering mass now shows green and adding as red.
  • Various work on textures.
  • Added sounds for victory and defeat when a Conquest or TDM match ends.
  • Removed hit ground sounds for spiders (constantly being triggered).
  • Added correct caption to the Replayer panel.
  • Tank name is correctly truncated.
  • Added one more LOD for containers to lower aliasing issues.
  • A lot of small changes to weapon and auxiliary effects.
  • Added loadout change panel to Conquest spawn screen.
  • New minimap looks.
  • Tweaked minimap symbols and added legend to spawn picker. Fixed misaligned symbols.
  • Pressing Play now brings the player straight to the lobby list – removing one step.
  • Pressing Back from own lobby now leads to lobby list instead of Create new game.
  • Make sure we stop refreshing lobby list when creating a new game.
  • Issue lobby query directly when entering lobby browser panel.
  • Optimized pickup checking code a bit.
  • Work on Create Game screen and localization.
  • Minimap team mates now always seen.
  • Show team mates on bigmap properly.
  • Menu, menu sounds and localization tweaks.
  • Players (both teams) now seen on the Conquest spawn map.
  • Adjusted minimap pulse visibility.
  • Cleaned up input mapping.
  • Added military rank style badges.
  • Merged all events controlling camps into a new class, should resolve synchronization issues.
  • Fixed elevation projectiles (saw blade) that wasn't issuing any damage.
  • Improved impulse direction calculation of projectiles.
  • Work on lobby symbols and items.
  • Fixed bug where AI bots didn't attack players in water.
  • Fixed bot position on big map.
  • Changes to improve heightfields in various ways.
  • Conquest bar changes to a darker color when team isn't getting any capture score.
  • Conquest bar flashes when the team is 25% from winning the round.
  • Ammo symbols flash when replenished.
  • New crosshair and screen center symbols.
  • New thumbnails and loading screens.
  • Friends show a green symbol when invitation sent.
  • Fix to cap player positions to map limits on the various UI maps.
  • Replaced “Confirm” with “Start” in the lobby.
  • Fix to team coloring of meshes surrounding camps.
  • Fixed lobby issues where lobbies could enter limbo when created.
  • Moved the lobby search spinner to the center and removing it when the lobby search is finished.
  • Now shows if a joined lobby is private or public.
  • Fixed offset error in heightfield methods, causing misaligned ray queries in physics.
  • Fixed incorrect camp states replicated when a ghost connects.
  • Now both red and blue conquest tower rings count from down and up.
  • Made neutral team color darker to match neutral tower counter color.
  • Toned down the repair effect and corrected longevity.
  • Fixed issues with specular in deferred renderer.
  • Disable specular when tank is either stealthed or in near camera mode.
  • Fixed skysphere direction on Oasis and Valley.
  • Fix for store camera.
  • Fix for part prices not going back from red to yellow.
  • Neutral tank parts now matches the dark grey neutral camp color.
  • Fixed dps stat when multiple main weapons are attached.

Gear Up is free to play on steam.

Gear Up in Beta with New Trailer!

Gear Up in Beta with New Trailer!


We're excited to announce that Gear Up now has entered Beta version with a completely new trailer! Check it out!

New Map + Tank Unlocks in Big Steam Early Access Update!

New Map + Tank Unlocks in Big Steam Early Access Update!


The wait has been long and we appreciate your patience. We finally bring you the long awaited update including a complete rebalancing of parts, the new...

Gear Up - Adding Linux support

Gear Up - Adding Linux support


Today Doctor Entertainment released a major update for Gear Up which includes support for Linux and increased stability on all platforms.

Recent Updates

Recent Updates

News 1 comment

The last couple of weeks Doctor Entertainment have released several updates to their vehicle shooter Gear Up. Check it out now!

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Gear Up Army wallpaper 2

Gear Up Army wallpaper 2


Check out this Gear Up wallpaper with a close up of a spider-tank! Zip-file with wallpaper in sizes: 1920*1200 | 1920*1080 | 1366*768 | 1280*1024 | 1280*800...

Gear Up Army wallpaper 1

Gear Up Army wallpaper 1


How about an inspiring wallpaper? Stimulate your imagination with this blue army wallpaper! Zip-file with wallpaper in sizes: 1920*1200 | 1920*1080 ...

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Guest - - 694,994 comments

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Guest - - 694,994 comments

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CactusCreep - - 1 comments

I feel like the medic guns are currently lacking purpose as there are often times when it is just run, gun, and re-spawn. The teammates don't have much reason to look/expect for a med.

Beyond this, it is a fast paced game with a promising future.

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Guest - - 694,994 comments

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ShrikeGFX - - 331 comments

One advice from a fellow designer
DO NOT give out all parts for premium instantly
(do you buy 6 parts for the price or all of them? That changes it of course)

If you give out all the things, people quickly lose interest
progression is what keeps the player motivated, give it all and theyre bored

If you d ask the player what he would want, then he will say "I want all the parts" but thats not whats the best for him and not what he really wants.

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ShrikeGFX - - 331 comments

Also you gotta work on the core gameplay, the customization and everything all looks nice, but in the end youre just shooting a with your gun on a cooldown on others without an objective. There is a lot of depth missing that ultimately makes the difference

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jesperr Creator
jesperr - - 2 comments

Thanks for your advices.
We are introducing a cheaper version "Basic" which has grinding. We believe most will buy the Basic version. The Premium version is for the few who think they want everything right away.

Right now we only have Conquest, Death Match and Team Death Match, we plan to add more game modes in the future. We would also like to add more features for tracking and awarding progression.

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ofk - - 5 comments

loving the art style and the idea, track'd.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Guest - - 694,994 comments

this game looks and most likely is amazing. i have a macbook pro and there is no way to get this game for mac. debs, please make this game for os x.

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jesperr Creator
jesperr - - 2 comments

Both Mac and Linux ports are in progress.

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