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A top-down tactical strategy game using a WE-GO system, and incorporating some of the best features of other games of this type - base building and management, research and development, configurable inventory loadouts, character training and levelling, fully destructible terrain, burnination, and unfortunate rocket launcher accidents.

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First steps


The idea is to get an friends-and-family beta together first, then strip that down to a minimal public-facing demo.

As a brief summary of what's needed before that can happen:-
- a little bit more PC customisation (particularly a better interface for setting custom names)
- more terrain pieces for the random map generator
- more research lines, partly to add a bit more variety, partly to push some of the more powerful stuff down the tree
- (hidden fun stuff) to end the first chapter
- encryption of assets
- an actual installer

My like-to-haves for the demo:-
- audio
- some documentation of the tileset config files
- working UI config files
- a tidyup of the skirmish editor, perhaps add a defence mode with scoring for fun
- reformat my existing tutorials into something less slipshod

Not a huge amount compared to the work so far, so let's see how it goes.

Dismus Creator

It took a bit longer than expected (or rather, I didn't get as much free time to work on it as expected), but the F&F beta came together at last. I'll see how that pans out before putting up another news post, but in the meantime I'd like to get more content into act 1 - flavour items, more enemy types, etc.

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