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Galactic Insomnia is a classic turn-based tactical squad game for PCs (Windows, Linux, Mac) in which the player manages a group of agents, each of them having their own unique set of features, equipment, and individual personalities.

The player can choose from a series of missions that take place in various environments. These include both vibrant and elegant city landscapes as well as inhospitable deserts and the cold desolation of outer space.

We want to offer:

  • Compelling tactical combat
  • A diverse universe
  • Complex interactions between team characters
  • A story-driven campaign
  • Multiplayer mode

Game Universe

Galactic Insomnia is set in a world existing more than 500 years into the future. The advancement of technology, science and medicine has enabled human beings to expand across the whole galaxy, creating diverse cultures and societies, all of which have very complex relations among one and another.

Some groups shut themselves off from the rest of civilization, looking for a return to “the good old days”, while other groups remain in a state of commercial or ideological warfare between factions. The most developed societies have reached the heights of technological development, unlike those less competitive and ambitious who inadvertently make steps back in development.

Conflicts and misunderstandings between galactic communities are usually resolved by small dedicated groups of agents. These agents will often use radical means like bombings, kidnappings and sabotage. This approach allows them to avoid larger and much bloodier conflicts between mega-corporations that control the politics and trade in major areas of the known galaxy. Agents recruited by the player will actively participate in these dangerous games.


Galactic Insomnia game-play has both tactical and strategic dimensions.

Tactical level – comprises the efficient use of all available means. Equipment, the mission geography plus the active and passive abilities.

Strategic level – covers team management and the team. The choice of agents and control of their development will prove more challenging as the game progresses.

Key features:

  • Dozens of recruitable agents with individual personalities
  • Characters leveling with both statistical points and special abilities tree
  • Morale as an important factor in the combat statistics
  • Combat stances affecting both offensive and defensive stats
  • Characters gear: weaponry, armor, implants
  • Weapons with multiple firing modes and limited ammo
  • Additional senses (sound, electronic emission)
  • Destructible covers
  • Opponent flanking
  • Basic healing protects only against bleeding out
  • Personal and area forcefields
  • Intelligent drones and landmines


By using the flexible Unity engine we are able to customize code thus making our game match our specific requirements and expectations. Furthermore, due to the massive amount of available assets on the Unity Asset Store we can drastically reduce time spent on the modeling and texturing of repeatable environmental elements. We use that time to focus on key elements crucial to developing our original game mood/ethos .

Key features:

  • Modular (grid-based) locations
  • Advanced AI
  • Customizable UMA characters
  • PBR Lighting
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Our campaign has two main objectives. The first - surprise! - is to raise funds to finish the game. But the second - equally important for us - is direct contact with fans of games, and the ability to build a community from which now on we will be able to receive feedback and support. Please visit our Kickstarter page.

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