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Players pilot a Gun Ship and battle aliens, pirates, and other villainous enemies, to gain levels, skills, and most importantly, discover unique and potentially more powerful weapon systems to outfit their Gun Ships. Through the unique cgNEAT content-generation technology, new weapons are constantly created by the game automatically based on player preferences. Every weapon in the game is unique. NOTE: Requires XNA 4 which is included in the download!

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GAR 1.26 Steam Patch


The 1.26 patch will implement the following . Note, if you are running a server you will have to shut it down while your game folder patches.

  • Weapon Effects System: higher quality weapons will randomly have up to 3 extra side-effects based on rarity. The initial efffect pool is:

    - increased damage
    - damage over time
    - acid damage over time (direct to hull, bypassing shield and armor)
    - electrical damage over time + reduced rate of fire
    - fire damage over time (direct to armor, bypassing shield)
    - snare + 40% reduced speed
    - 20% splash damage
    - 10% chance to launch a warhead, ignoring cooldown
    - 2 extra side gun barrels
    - 3 extra rear gun barrels

  • Debuff and Resist systems for all objects to support the above side effects. Some enemies maybe be immune to certain effects.
  • More powerful enemies may use their own weapon effects.
  • New sound effects and icons related to the Effects and Debuffs systems above.
  • General sound design adjustments for more variety and relative volume levels.
  • Increased the maximum projectiles in flight for players from 32 to 50 due to increased weapon barrel counts.
  • Weapon Quality and Weapon Effects now display on Bank Screen, Weapon Screen, and Weapon Lab Screens.
  • When purchasing a new ship the "Current Ship" preview is properly updated to the newly purchased ship. Previously, it would not update until the Buy Ship Screen was dropped and re-opened.
  • Fixes for Shots Fired achievements.
  • When scrapping a weapon effects are lost.
  • The Scan Megalith missions have more specific tips on properly scanning.
GAR Greenlit on Steam

GAR Greenlit on Steam

News 1 comment

GAR has passed Steam Greenlight and will be public soon.

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Galactic Arms Race Server 1.26

Galactic Arms Race Server 1.26


(Updated: 8 Aug 2014 to version 1.26) The GAR Game server enables anyone to admin their own galaxy. Supports up to 32 players. Works on Windows XP, Vista...

Galactic Arms Race Demo 1.26

Galactic Arms Race Demo 1.26

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(Updated: 04 September 2014 to version 1.26) Players pilot a Gun Ship and battle aliens, pirates, and other villainous enemies, to gain levels, skills...

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cybersleuth58 - - 47 comments

This is quite the addicting game. Congrats on Steam. I upvoted you for sure!!

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EJH Creator
EJH - - 9 comments

Cool. I didn't know they mirrored blogspot. ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
BrandeX - - 25 comments

No one is mirroring your site. You can put whatever country code ending and it's the same blogspot page.

etc. etc.

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kickformoney - - 5 comments

The game looks cool and all, but is it really necessary for Evolutionary Games to take a jab at Christianity with its logo?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
EJH Creator
EJH - - 9 comments

Hey. It isn't a jab at Christianity. Those of us who worked on the game are Christian. It is more of a tribute. ;)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
kalirion - - 99 comments

Is there any way to disable vsync?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
EJH Creator
EJH - - 9 comments

In your video card settings. Not sure why you want to though.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
vmp0514 - - 164 comments

I recorded a third gameplay video, which can be found here:



Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
richomincho - - 19 comments

Galactic arms race gameplay en castellano

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