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GAIA: The Dark Realm is an action-adventure platformer. It happens in a world where darkness from another dimension is trying to consume it, and almost doing so, the embodiment of earth GAIA, awakens and now tries to stop what's happening. The player must go through the world defeating enemies and destroying objectives in order to put the world back to the way it was.

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Hello, IndieDB community!

This week we're sharing with you all the enemies art finished and also their attack animations. We've got a melee enemy biting the player and a ranged enemy spitting some goo at the player!



These are the final art and animation frames for the melee attack.



These are the final art and animation frames for the ranged attack.


This is all we've got this week, we've also been working on the character final art, with all the process from the beginning of course. Make sure to check our twitter below to find other posts! We'll see you guys next week!

GAIA Devlog #10 - Logo and Icon

GAIA Devlog #10 - Logo and Icon


This week we'll be sharing our work on the logo and the icon of the game!

GAIA Devlog #09 - Tweaks n' Art

GAIA Devlog #09 - Tweaks n' Art


This week we update the healing effect and we did some concepts for the underground, shrines and enemies.

GAIA Devlog #08 - VFX & UI

GAIA Devlog #08 - VFX & UI


This week we're going to show you some more visual effects and mainly how the UI is going to look like.

GAIA Devlog #07 - Enemies and VFX

GAIA Devlog #07 - Enemies and VFX


This week we're here to shed some light on the enemies of our game and a little visual effect for the special attack.

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