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Frontier Pilot simulator: an environment-centered single player vehicle sim combining skill-based flying system with a story-driven economic progression. It puts your flying skills to a test in a world unknown, while offering complete freedom in how you want to traverse it and tell your own story. Trade, customize your ship and earn your own destiny in this new and unexplored corner of the human domain.


There's a bunch of space simulators out there, all of them come equipped with fabulous space fighting. However, we didn't feel they do justice to exploring what a hostile atmosphere is like, so we took it upon ourselves to create an accessible, yest hard-to-master experience of navigating an environment as a first wave of colonists.


Constant progression and improvement are the core of every game. Raglor will meet you with a ton of threats and the only thing between failure and a glorious financial success if your ship. Outfit it with advanced modules, new engines and enhanced fuel tanks to overcome the harsh conditions. Local traders and the black market will gladly take your hard-earned cash. And don't forget to refuel!


Being one of the first settlers is no easy task. You have to learn to make profits your way. You are surrounded by different fractions, unmanned and manned outposts and a massive mining operation underway - use the dynamic economics to your advantage.


Expanding, the human race colonizes planet after planet. Is this a world to mine and forget about? Is there something more to it? Define your take on this story and learn what the future holds for you. And humanity, of course.

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Hi Pilots.
New Update is out!

Mod - Smuggler storyline We received a lot of emails: how to make the game more engaging. And 60% of it comes up with the same idea - smuggling quests. As you know we are listening to our players and made it for you. Enjoy!

You as a pilot have made a decision to make some easy money, by taking a few contracts for smuggling alcohol. It turns out you helped to transport stolen explosive materials from the military base. Government and corporations announced a reward for your head. You have no chose then keep working for terrorists. During your smuggling career, you will help a terrorist, get involved into corporations war, hiding from the police and etc. The new storyline includes challenging quests like delivering bombs, fly without navigation, be in a shadow of the police radars by flying lower than 800 meters, and maneuvering among mountains in a bad weather with fragile cargos and many more.


Ending of the main storyline.In addition to this mode, we made an ending of the main storyline + new quests (build a base). The world will change entirely after a huge explosion, the cause of it will be your work for aliens. New cargos, quests, bases, animations, and contract are waiting for you.


Effects optimization - ADDED
Building optimization - ADDED

Gun, meteors, aliens, explosion sound effects - ADDED
New sound effects for navigation - ADDED
New characters voice - ADDED

Shooting, explosion, meteorites effect - ADDED
Ship animation - UPDATED

New location - ADDED
New base - ADDED
Hyper gun - ADDED
Sea Buoy - ADDED
Scarab model - UPDATED
Radars - ADDED
Air defense system - ADDED

Goods icons - UPDATED
Smugglers pictures - ADDED
Scarab New texture - ADDED

Flexible emission level - ADDED
Air resistance with open chassis - ADDED
Astlan bases turnover - FIXED
Ox price - decreased
Scarab Upgrade Chassis, Tanks, Engines - ADDED
New quests - ADDED

Discount 30%We launched a Christmas discount from 1 until 14 of December.

Friday Report
CockpitThe capsule 3d Model interior is done. All systems offline.

P.S. Some of you asked how can you help with the promotion.
We have an answer, advice our game to your favorite youtube game bloggers (comments under the video). Thank you in advance who will help.

We are on:
Facebook - Facebook.com
Discord - Discord.gg
Twitter - Twitter.com
Instagram - Instagram.com

Damage system and Steam update

Damage system and Steam update

News 1 comment

A June update on the game development, new screens and a video!

Base development

Base development


A short developer diary on the current state of base development and hangar - a place to swap parts for the ship.

Berkinster - - 3 comments

have you got a plan for adding cockpit cam with fps mode?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Gonzalo_G_A - - 31 comments

Love your Work!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Razar! Creator
Razar! - - 1 comments

Hey, thanks, I've seen you on Steam! And yes, we'll make sure to get you into Alpha!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
stevie231 - - 79 comments

Looks awesome

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Juris3D - - 304 comments

I voted for Greenlight already! :)

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