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You and two comrades are escaped slaves who while fleeing Roman territory, stumble across a recently-raided farm, and although almost everything of value has been taken a small amount of wheat, a few tools and a couple silver denari might allow you to eke out a stealthy existence on the fringe of Roman lands. Unfortunately, you agree to run the farm together just as the Roman census-taker is knocking on the small home's door.

Only slightly terrified of being found out, you are unable to convince the Roman that you are anything other than escaped slaves. However, this particular census taker is, 'flexible' and offers the fugitives a deal: if they run the farm and produce enough wheat to fulfill the wheat quota demanded by Rome, and toss a bribe on top for himself, they can go on running the farm instead of being sent back to face their master. With no other options, and no way out, you and your compatriots agree hastily.

This state of affairs does not have to last, however. A slave you may have been but you can choose to resist the Romans by stealth, subterfuge, or brute force, and by allying with the northern tribes. Or you can purchase freedom for yourself and your friends and buy your way into Roman high society. With ten different classes from agronomist to ranger, engineer, rancher, witch, and gladiator, with multiple different upgrade paths and special actions, you can play exactly the way you want to.

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FreeHolder Patreon Launch!


It's been a long, hard, and strange road, but RogueWare is finally ready to rest the fate of FreeHolder squarely in the hands of the community. This was our plan from the beginning, and through a number of permutations including Greenlight and Kickstarter we have finally settled on Patreon as the ideal crowdfunding option. The incremental nature and fee-for-service model that they use fits more or less perfectly with the early alpha access model we had originally planned.

We believe without question that the game is now far along enough that anyone who plays it can actually get a feel for the immense possibilities and compelling genre blend it represents, and in our opinion that should be enough to get someone to go about investing a few of their gaming dollars in something this unique. That has been our belief from the beginning, and it is now time to test that belief.

We are pleased to announce our Early Access Alpha launch on Patreon has begun! Our Patreon page includes everything you need to be easily convinced that investing in RogueWare is investing in quality gaming. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, or, if you have too much money and have no idea what to do with it, visit our Patreon page without delay. Your support can turn an idea into reality, and what is this but the alchemical dream?

Unending thanks to all our early investors, supporters, testers, allies and others that have made this incredible journey possible. The long-awaited day has arrived. Excelsior!

Chris and Matt Crooks

Visit our Patreon page, where you can watch our video and download the game demo, at:


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FreeHolder ShareWare (a5)

FreeHolder ShareWare (a5)


It's shareware! DRM-free, show your friends! We will put out updated demos as the Patreon campaign funds successive alpha releases. Cheers!

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