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Frank Stein is a game about our Hero ‘Frank’. Frank is an avid ‘experimental’ scientist who loves nothing more than to dabble in the science of life, death and everything in-between. Frank is bored of his current ‘project’ and has decided to look for some new parts for his latest endeavour… a new creature! In order to find new parts, Frank has to scour the surrounding wastelands, cemeteries, caves, dungeons and other places of disinterest for new bits ‘n’ pieces, to help with the creation of his new experiment: The Frank-In-Stein Monster Machine!! Mooohahaha!

Frank Stein is an Indie, 3D, Top-Down, Isometric, Action, Adventure, Shooter, Puzzler for PC and Consoles.

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We’ve been through several iterations of the Frank Stein Main Screen Logo, as you can see, below. Before finally, happily, sticking to the main logo with the chiselled text and frank Standing in the centre.

Frank Stein Logo

We wanted Frank to stand out in the image, after all, he’s going to be your new hero. As quirky as the game is intended to be, the slightly, overly, cartoony styled text didn’t really work with what we were looking for. So we played around with different text styles, colours, positions and what we wanted in the logo to try and convey some information to the player.

Frank Stein Logo 02

Frank Stein Logo 03

Frank Stein Logo 04

Frank Stein Logo 05

Frank Stein Logo 06

We may, still, iterate further on the design by including more of the games puzzles, bosses, and encounters to further show players what the game entails.

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