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The idea of ​​practicing with the Unity Engine came up, so why not create a game to have a little fun ?. It is a community-driven game where community makes decisions about the progress of the project, that is, feedback is very important to build this world and with that everyone can participate and have fun together.


For The Village takes place in a chaotic medieval world with open PVP, where players will be able to do as they want and evolve their characters the way they prefer. We have some basic attributes for this evolution that can be distributed as your level increases. In the world of "For The Village" players don't use magic, the only forms of magic are the creatures, some items and other elements in the world, this means that players will be specialists in melee or in distance combat. Our idea is to release a solid combat system, where the build will be important but also the player skills. Another important point is the graphics, I know it can not please everyone the "low poly" however I am using resources from the "asset store" that are accessible to this project (for now), so I'm sorry if in case you do not like a more "cartoonized" style ", feedback on this will have to be ignored (sorry).


An important point is the evolution of the world where we will play and also its goals. I count on everyone's help to move forward in this, for example, map ideas, locations / areas, NPCs, systems for the game, whether we will have quests, whether we will survive in the environment in search of resources, whether we will create our own economy, we will build bases ...


The game is still in an early stage, we will have a long way to go but the idea is to have fun together while we create this project. I will release some versions of tests for everyone to interact with the project and for each version i will release a changelog list and all requests and suggestions will be heard.

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Dev Blog - Release 2.0 Improvements and FIX's


  • New NPC's

List of bug fixes

  • [Fix] Adjusting the player control, when opening the statistics menu, he did not stop executing the actions of the mouse in-game, that is, he clicked and he attacked with the open menu, it was difficult to navigate the interface.
  • [Fix] NPC was 'sliding' when approaching the target (player).
  • [Fix] NPC was not looking at the player when he became a target, just watched when he was following.
  • [Fix] Adjust on the NPC's collision, before there was no physics for this and the player traversed the NPC's.
  • [Fix] Adjusting in close proximity to NPC's attack due to the sliding adjustment I used a little further, now it's got a little more realistic.
  • [Fix] Problem of lag. I was using some commands that were not needed several times during the animations, I use another form of synchronization that has already compensated. The server is remote, here it usually gets between 50 ~ 70 ping. the problem sometimes goes up to 180 ~ 450 in the running and fighting animations, with the setting now stabilized (50 ~ 70) (normal). Information in the upper right corner.

  • [Fix] Adjust to NPC's sync, now it's fine.

Area System

In the future I will put a mini map with the name of the region correctly and I also plan to make a system of achievements as player discover new regions

Hello christmas :)

Work in progress

Now we will continue working on player's x NPC damage, damage animations on both sides, player death and NPC, respawns ...

We still need to finalize the point system by level, which is almost ready and finish the version 2.0 roadmap

Stay tuned for news, thanks for community support. do not forget to enter our discord. Discord Channel

Dev Blog - Release 2.0 is coming!

Dev Blog - Release 2.0 is coming!


In this article we will be bringing somenews for new test phase (release version 2.0). Enjoy.

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