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A freeform space-based realtime strategy game where the player controls groups of starships and fighters. The game is built around a randomly generated starmap which the player must rid of all enemy ships. During this quest, stations around the map can be used to purchase ships, weapons and modules. The enemy will be trying to seize control of your stations, and take the sector for themselves. Through a variety of mission types, you must capture stations and push forward until the Dust Zone is safe once again.

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Dust Fleet title screen

I've got some exciting stuff to share with you about progress on the game. Strap in!

Missions and Custom Campaigns

This is a big one. Dust Fleet now has a data file format for creating missions, star maps and campaigns. This is a departure from my original plan of making the game a procedurally-generated experience. It just wasn't compelling enough on it's own. So, I have planned out and begun implementing a campaign.

Most of the hard work for this is done - mission briefings, post-mission briefings, in-game messaging, event triggers, mission objectives and technology unlocks are all in place, tested and working. The campaign works neatly with the existing starmap, allowing a combination of guided story progression and player choice in what they tackle next.

Post Mission Briefing

The mission files are JSON-format, and will ship with documentation, so anyone can create additional Dust Fleet campaigns.

I'm aiming to keep the procedurally-generated mode as well, so once the campaign has been completed players can keep playing on randomly-generated maps.

A Release Target

Dust Fleet has been in development for a long time. I've got a full-time job, which can make progress slow, but every week I've ensured that some progress has been made - which means an awful lot has now been done. Now it's time to mark a finish line: Dust Fleet will be finished in 2018.

As the year progresses, I'll start to be more specific about a precise date.

Meanwhile here's some smaller but still very exciting updates about what's new in the game.

Weapon platforms

Sprinkled liberally throughout the missions, weapon platforms are placed to defend certain mission objectives. Like any ship, their single medium turret hardpoint can be equipped with a variety of weapons.

Weapon Platform

Weapon Platform

The weapons platform is pretty heavily armored and not to be taken lightly. Destroying these will require a concerted effort from your fleet, especially when they're stationed in groups.

Mining Ships

Please say hi to the mining ship!

Utility Ship render

Every star system now has a selection of asteroids for you to mine. You can get these all in one go by building a station in the star system, or you can mine them using mining ships during a battle. For now, the mining ships need a carrier to drop off their resources, which is a bit of an expensive outlay. I'll either allow more ships to act as drop-off points, or consider letting mining ships use the wormhole to drop their mined resources off-map.

Utility Ship

Mining Ship Animation

State of the Game

In the middle of last year, I posted a list of the remaining tasks I need to do on Dust Fleet. When I finished that list, I reassessed the game and made a few decisions about what to do next. I'm proud of how the game is shaping up, and I want to make it as good as I can. So I made a new list of things to change and improve. And when I ticked everything off that list, I made another.

Dust Fleet only gets one launch, so I want to make sure I put in the effort in to get it right. I also want to get the game into the hands of players, which is why I've committed to a 2018 release date. I'm almost done ticking things off lists, and I feel like the game is now much closer to what I want it to be.

That's not to say everything's finished - there's still a lot to do, but a release is in sight. I'll keep you posted with more updates here and on Twitter.

Until next time, spacers!

Dev Blog #15: Attack Ships on Fire Off the Shoulder of Orion

Dev Blog #15: Attack Ships on Fire Off the Shoulder of Orion

News 5 comments

Dust Fleet has been maintaining radio silence for a while, but it's time for an update. The past few months has been extremely busy, and the game is looking...

Dev Blog #14: Bring The Rain

Dev Blog #14: Bring The Rain

News 4 comments

Sometimes you just want that cruiser out of your sky, and you want that to happen yesterday. Dust Fleet is here to help you out.

Dev Blog #13: Dust Fleet

Dev Blog #13: Dust Fleet

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In this update: a new name, a new UI and the path to the finish line. It's time to focus on the details that make the game feel fun, and the mechanics...

Dev Blog #12: In space, no one can hear you code

Dev Blog #12: In space, no one can hear you code

News 2 comments

Commence pre-launch checks, strap yourself in and throttle up - the Fleet dev update is back.

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Been watching closely for about 6 months, just wanna say the game is looking great and I look forward to playing on Steam. :)

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your game is on Steam or Steam Greenlight ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DiscoJustice Creator

It sure is! Find it here: Steamcommunity.com

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I just found this game and it looks awesome! Definetly tracking.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I like this game's style , it feels a bit like Homeworld 2 where you can target and hit individual enemy ship systems

I'll definitely wanna try it once it comes out and randomly generated maps is a good idea that surely will offer replayability

I'll vote you max once i can and i'm tracking it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I completely agree with @⧊⋂≬∩⧊ this game looks epic.. You proof very well that even indie devs can release AAA titles. I will definitely buy this when it comes out. How ever I do hope there will also be a single player campaign at some point. Sand box alone makes it nice but not perfect. Also don't forget about a research tree or some space wreckage that you can salvage to gain resources or some new unique technologies or units.

Should the need arise: You can hire professional voice actors for free or for some money even. They're kinda good folks over there. Just promote your project accordingly and they will flood you with offers to do voice acting and sound effects for you.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
DiscoJustice Creator

I'd really like to do a single-player campaign, but writing a story isn't something I'm very good at. Having said that, the version of this game that comes out for release won't necessarily be where the updates stop. Once the game meets the design criteria, I'll be looking to see what else I can add.

I'm definitely going to need a bit of voice acting just for unit responses, so thanks for that link!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
DiscoJustice Creator

Thanks! Still working hard on it, hoping to show off some new stuff real soon.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thanks DiscoJustice

Cannot help to point out that you're really cute

Take your time , your progress is great already

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Glad to see a bit of activity

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
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