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Fight or Flight - Developer Highlights

A Large-scale multiplayer monster hunting shooter game. Featuring multiple game modes including Battle Royale modes.
Also including full offline support with bot ai for practice!

With each passing day the situation grows more and more dangerous as the virus continues to spread, infecting or killing everything in its path.
You are a specially trained operative that will drop into the infected region via an air-drop and attempt to recover research on the virus and eradicate any of the infected that remain in the region.

The world is now sprawling with infected monsters and zombies. Be careful out there!

HeadeGameModes 1

Multiple Game Modes
The game features multiple game modes with different objectives. In each mode the player will gain experience in the form of an in-game currency. This can be obtained from completing objectives, killing and harvesting monsters, killing zombies, and killing other players. Currency can then be used to purchase in game cosmetics.

Extraction, At the start of the match extraction points are spawned at random locations on the map. Slay monsters and harvest them to obtain research on the virus. Once a monster is harvested the player will be given a temporary power up rune that aids them in combat for a short time.
Players get 3 lives, and 60 minutes to gain objectives and extract. Extraction points must be powered up before extracting. If you die you will lose all current progress in the match.

Battle Royale, with a monster hunt twist. Battle it out in a classic Battle Royale mode but with the added intensities of Monsters and Zombies.

Drop Zone, Fast paced Battle Royale with limited respawns. Each player will drop into the level with 3 lives. At the end of the match the last hunter standing wins.

HeadeWeaponary 1

Weapons and Attachments!
Fight or Flight was built with realistic weapon ballistic simulation for a tight shooter experience.

Your hunter can carry 1 weapon of each class (Pistol, Assault, Sniper), for a total of 3 weapons, and 1 melee weapon, which every hunter will start with.

Each weapon has unique damage, recoil, and bullet flight characteristics, including a penetration and ricochet system.

Each weapon can have a barrel attachment, such as a compensator or suppressor and a sight or scope attachment depending on the weapon. (weapon attachments will be expanded on through the course of development, with plans for more barrel attachments and magazine attachments)

HeadeTechnology 1

Built on amazing tech!
Fight or Flight is built on the latest version of Unreal Engine. Utilizing modern technologies and crafted with relentless passion for multiplayer shooters. Designed for the ultimate realistic fps experience, with realistic ballistics simulation, modern sound using binaural audio, and breathtaking graphics with features such as volumetric fog and a day cycle that changes as the match progresses.

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Hey Guys!

Fight or Flight has now been launched on steam!!! This marks the beginning of our journey of early access

Fight or Flight is a Battle Royale that blends PvP and PvE, You are a specially trained operative that will drop into the virus infected region and attempt to recover artifacts and eradicate any of the infected that remain. Up to 16 players per match. Each player is pitted against Zombies, Monsters and each other.

To celebrate we will be running a giveaway through Discord during the month of November.

Follow the game on steam, news will be posted on discord on 1st of November on how to enter!

Thanks for your interest!

Long time no update! Early Access imminent!

Long time no update! Early Access imminent!


Very long time no update! Apologies for keeping quiet on this one but it was something that i had chosen to do until i had some solid things to show.Fight...

Fight or Flight - - Patch Notes

Fight or Flight - - Patch Notes


Patch notes for our second patch for Fight or Flight

Steam page now live!

Steam page now live!


Introducing, Fight or Flight, Survival Horror Battle Royale. You are a specially trained operative that will drop into the virus infected region and attempt...

specmead - - 2 comments

For early access, the game has interesting gameplay. I would like to play online and study the game.

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gozu Creator
gozu - - 16 comments

I do not have a set number in mind, currently there is just a giant spider (with 3 varieties, 1 is a bit smaller and faster)
I would like to do "seasons" where each season brings a new monster.
Main focus first will be increasing the density of the world. :)

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